BK Visual Elements Guidelines

Adhering to standards for the use of Bishop Kelly’s graphic elements is an important part of presenting consistent visuals to reinforce our brand messaging.  If you are creating a flier, sign, brochure, t-shirt, athletic uniform, etc., please refer to the following brand guidelines.

Black and Kelly Gold are the official colors of Bishop Kelly High School.  The Bishop Kelly crest and Athletics logos should not be reproduced in a color other than the official BK colors:

Kelly Gold (PMS 108 or Hex# F9DD16)

On letterhead or signage where the BK crest is accompanied by the words Bishop Kelly High School, the font Garamond should be used.

Logos should not be altered. You may adjust the logo’s size only if it is proportional.  (You may click on any of the logos below and “save as” to save a jpeg version of the logo.)

The Bishop Kelly crest should be used for formal publications, awards, certificates, and to denote official school documents.  The crest can appear alone, or with the words Bishop Kelly High School centered underneath or to the right, and the Bishop Kelly tagline “Achieving excellence in learning, service, and life.” centered below.

The crest should appear in full color (Black and Kelly Gold) or black and white.  It can be reversed to white on a dark background.











The BK Athletics logo is for use by the athletic department and school-sanctioned sports and spirit organizations. The athletic logo should never replace the Bishop Kelly Crest on formal publications, academic awards, certificates, etc. The BK Athletics logo should never be used to promote Bishop Kelly’s brand as an academic institution directly, but it can be used for a variety of purposes, such as Homecoming, team fliers and communications, Spirit Wear, Banners, etc.





The BK Way Graphic, which was designed by BK Alumknight Jared Dolby, ’15, is to be used on BK Way specific materials.

The BK Way Graphic