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Campus Info DirectionsBishop Kelly is a private, co-educational Catholic high school located in Boise–Idaho’s beautiful capital city.  Our campus spans 70 acres and includes fields for football, soccer, baseball, and lacrosse; tennis courts, track and field facilities, as well as our Carley Center, a state-of-the-art gymnasium complete with wrestling and weight rooms.

The renovation of our classroom space in 2007 has provided upgraded instructional areas, including a biology lab and art studio.  Bishop Kelly has three computer labs and each of our classrooms support wireless technology.

Bishop Kelly is moving forward with implementing “blended learning”. We are a one-to-one school where each student brings their own computer to use daily.  We use Schoology and Google Classroom, course management systems used in most colleges and universities, further demonstrating Bishop Kelly’s commitment to prepare students for college.

Bishop Kelly recently completed the Student Commons Project which modernizes the exterior appearance of our school and creates a campus environment that complements our academic excellence.  The Commons are made up of three distinct spaces: The E.L. Wiegand Convocation Atrium, a 100 person wireless multipurpose room, and a refurbished student services, administrative, and counseling wing.

Campus Info Directions - InteriorThe E.L. Wiegand Convocation Atrium is home to a sculpture that reflects our Catholic identity.   The original sculpture created by faculty member Michael Dente, is titled “Beginning the Journey”.  It depicts the figures of Jesus and St. John the Baptist in the Jordan River.  The figures are surrounded by running water and rocks from the Jordan River.  A dove is suspended above them, representing the Holy Spirit.  The moment depicted is when St. John looks up and sees his cousin Jesus walking toward him and begins to stand up to greet him.  What happens next is a pivotal moment in scripture.  Jesus of Nazareth began his adult mission as Jesus the Christ with his baptism.  This piece metaphorically encourages our students to accept their spiritual mission as they graduate and begin their adult lives.

Bishop Kelly High School

7009 W. Franklin Road
Boise, ID 83709

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