Mr. Chuck Tacke

Mr. Chuck TackeMr. Chuck Tacke

I am thrilled to begin my 27th year at Bishop Kelly. I began at BK right out of college with a Bachelor’s Degree in History. Three years into my time at Bishop Kelly I started classes in Theology from Loyola through their extension program. I have also coached numerous sports and currently focus on the Pole Vault. Red Cross is the club I moderate and all we do is save lives.

I am married to Nancy a 1983 Bishop Kelly alumni. We have four children Nick, Emma, Lily and Joe. I love to go back packing in the Sawtooths, read, and bike.

I love teaching at Bishop Kelly because my friends work here and then sometimes when I am really lucky those students come back and work with me. So far 10 teachers or staff members I have taught now work with me at Bishop Kelly. We really are family.

Mathew 6:21 “For where your treasure is there will your heart be also.”


  • Bachelors in History from Boise State University

Class Schedule:

  1. Theology 2
  2. Theology 2
  3. Social Justice
  4. Prep
  5. Theology 2
  6. Psychology
  7.  Social Justice


  • Red Cross Club
  • Track Coach