Mr. Derek McCormick

Mr. Derek McCormickMr. Derek McCormick
Social Studies

Derek McCormick very much enjoys both teaching and coaching. For Derek teaching is less about a specific subject area and more about the opportunity to work with his students; it is this interaction that he loves most. Whether it is in the classroom or on the practice field, he is able to see the kids’ progress in growth and maturity which validates his decision to teach and coach. Though this feedback is not always immediate, Derek believes it will evidence itself eventually.

Mr. McCormick’s overall teaching philosophy is to teach students that the best way to be successful in the classroom and in life is to build positive relationships. He explains that the best teachers he ever had were the ones who helped shape his understanding and work ethic. Derek shares that in addition to his family he has been blessed with many such role models including, Mr. Paul Chehey, Mr. Neil McCarthy and Mr. John Bieter.

Derek has been coaching high school sports since 1997. He has ten years of American Legion/high school baseball experience, five years of Varsity Softball experience and four years of Varsity Girls Basketball coaching. Mr. McCormick has achieved significant success through coaching. He is a two-time winner of the SIC Coach of the Year, a state runner up and Academic State Champs in 5A softball and state runner up in 4A basketball. Mr. McCormick’s greatest passion is coaching and trying to inspire young athletes to do their best on and off the court/field. He believes that the whole high school experience has shaping influence on the student.

Away from school, Derek enjoys golfing, playing wii and going to the movies.