Mr. Larry H. Crump

Mr. Larry H. CrumpMr. Larry H. Crump
Social Studies

I started teaching at Bishop Kelly in 1999. I have BA in History-Secondary Ed Option from Boise State University and a Masters Degree in Educational Technology from Lesley University.

I am a graduate of BK (1982) and my wife Kathryn is also a graduate of BK (1985). We have been married since 1988 and have five children. Madison (BK 2011), Keaton (BK 2014), Kaeman (BK 2016), Kobe (BK 2018), Kooper (BK 2022).

“You’re killing me smalls” -Sandlot


Class Schedule:

  1.  US History
  2.  Prep
  3.  US History
  4.  AP US History
  5.  Band of Brothers
  6.  AP US History
  7.  AP US History


  • Patriotism Club