Mr. Marino Perea

Mr. Marino PereaMr. Marino Perea
Foreign Language

Marino Perea is a native from Cali, Colombia. He has a bachelor’s degree in Modern Languages from Santiago de Cali University in Cali, Colombia. In 2001, Marino moved to the United States where he attended the College of Southern Idaho and later Boise State University where he earned his Idaho Teaching Credentials. He recently received his Master’s degree in Bilingual Education from Boise State University. Mr. Perea believes that learning Spanish is more than learning grammar and vocabulary in order to be competitive in today’s world and having the ability to order a meal abroad. Marino insists that learning Spanish is a way to connect culturally, socially, and spiritually with Sanish speaking people; being bilingual is being bicultural.

Away from Bishop Kelly Mr. Perea is an active member at St. John’s Cathedral as a member of the Pastoral Council and a member of the Hispanic Committee. Two of his favorite activities are listening to salsa music and playing soccer.

BK is more than just a catholic High School, BK is family


  • Bachelor’s in Modern Languages from Santiago de Cali University, Colombia.
  • Idaho Teaching Certificate
  • Educational Technology Certification from Boise State University
  • Master’s in Bilingual Education from Boise State University

Class Schedule:

  1. Spanish 2
  2. Prep
  3. AP Spanish
  4. Spanish 2
  5. Spanish 2
  6. Spanish 2
  7. Spanish 2