Mr. Patrick Connor

Mr. Patrick ConnorMr. Patrick Connor
Language Arts

After graduating from this fine school, I was lucky enough to return in the Spring of ’04 to teach English and begin coaching. After two and half years at Sacred Heart School, I returned to BK to teach English, Public Speaking, Debate and continue coaching. After five years of teaching, I began an M.A. program and attained a Educational Leadership Degree in 2010. I have twice been chosen by the Bill Wassmuth Center for Human Rights to attend educational missions to South Korea and Japan and work with the Center throughout the year as we work on social and human rights issues.

As a native Idahoan, outdoor enthusiast and father of three beautiful daughters, I greatly enjoy the main opportunities to run, hike, backpack, camp and play in our great state with my girls. I love to run and, as a Basque, enjoying the many opportunities to celebrate our great culture.

I love teaching at Bishop Kelly because the school did so much for me. While I didn’t appreciate it at the time, BK and the many teachers and coaches who I had the great pleasure of interacting with, made me the person that I am today, and now I just want to give back to the next generation of Knights.

One of those faculty members who did so much for me and was an inspiration to become a teacher and coach is Jimmy Driscoll, and he always said, “Notin’ too good for children of God.” I remind myself of the power and importance of that line every day as I begin a new day.


  • Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership from Boise State University.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Education from Boise State University.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Communication from Boise State University.

Class Schedule:

  1. English 9
  2. English 9
  3. English 9
  4. English 9
  5. English 9
  6. Prep
  7. Speech


  • Head Coach, Cross Country Team
  • Assistant Coach, Track & Field Team