Mrs. Tina Gazdik

Mrs. Tina GazdikMrs. Tina Gazdik

Tina Gazdik entered teaching because of a love of kids and a love of mathematics. Education provides the best of both. It is her hope to instill her students not only with this appreciation, but also an awareness of the potential education can bring. As a Boise native, Tina attended College of Idaho where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics. It is at College of I. that she learned to appreciate the sense of community and cooperation that comes with a small, close knit school environment. As a result, she chose to come directly from college to Bishop Kelly. She has been a part of the Bishop Kelly community since. Mrs. Gazdik firmly believes that learning is an ongoing process, one that should last a lifetime. Her goal is to help create caring citizens able to analyze situations and think critically for themselves. Tina’s biggest priority is her family and her largest pleasure is time spent with her kids and husband. This includes supporting her kids in their pursuits as well as family time in the outdoors. In addition, there is nothing she enjoys more than a quiet evening at home with good food and drink in the company of family and friends. In her spare time, Tina is a member of several book clubs and loves walking and playing with her dog. She also enjoys a good session of Yoga.



  • Bachelor’s in Mathematics/Physics from Albertson College of Idaho.

Class Schedule:

  1.  Pre-Calculus
  2.  Prep
  3.  AP Statistics
  4.  AP Statistics
  5.  Pre- Calculus
  6.  Pre-Calculus
  7. Pre-Calculus


  • Junior class advisor