Library Study Guides: Sciences



  • Natural & General Science -500-509
  • Astronomy – 520-529
  • Physics – 530-539
  • Chemistry – 540-549
  • Earth Science – 550-559
  • Ancient Life – 560-569
  • Biology/Life Sciences – 570-579
  • Plants – Non-Fiction 580-589
  • Animals/Zoology – 590-599


Articles – get passwords for home access in the library and on Blackboard


Science In Context:   A great one-stop-shop for research.  This database has everything you need, encyclopedia, academic journal, &  newspaper articles, video, images and more on any science topic.
Student Resource Center – from Ebsco
Student Resources in Context – general reference from Gale
World Book Advanced
GreenFILE – a unique perspective on the positive and negative ways humans affect the ecology. Over 4,500 full text articles!



Websites – passwords for home use available in the library and on Blackboard


Galileo Project – from Rice University.  The life and world of Galileo
Librarian’s Internet Index – Science:    A portal to some of the best science websites available.
NOAA – National Environmental Data
PhET – interactive simulaitons
PopSci: This magazine’s articles cover current research trends in science.
Science Daily – A great site for current news in scientific research
Science and Art Gateway – Cornell University :     A great website that contains links to various scientific topics.
Smithsonian Field Book Project – discover original field books in natural history.
Understanding Science – from Berkeley


Amusement Park Physics – interactive from Annenberg Learner
Physics 4 Kids – Physics and Astronomy Online
Physics Lecture Demos – from Berkeley