2019 – 2020 Tuition and Fees Schedule

Application Fee:
An application fee of $215 for new students and $190 for returning students is due at the time application materials are submitted to the school.

Student Fees:

An annual fee is assessed by grade level to cover books, including rental for textbooks, all workbooks and paperbacks; activity fee, campus ministry, nurse, technology, transportation, parking, lockers, mandatory testing, BK Booster Club membership and instructional budgets for English, Science, Math, P.E., Social Studies and Theology. Student fees are due July 10, 2019

Freshman and Sophomores
Includes graduation and economics fee

The fees do not include fees for elective classes, voluntary testing fees, retreats, extracurricular participant fee, spirit packs or other types of clothing.

Capital Improvement Fee:
All students are assessed a $70 Capital Improvement Fee.

Campus Security Fee:
All students are assessed a $70 Campus Security Fee.

Building Maintenance Fee:
All new students are assessed a one-time $250 Building Maintenance Fee.