Parents as Partners

The Parents as Partners Program

The Parents as Partners Program is an opportunity for parents to help bridge the gap between the stated tuition rate and the actual cost to educate your Bishop Kelly student. The Parent as Partners Program helps Bishop Kelly three very important ways. First, it helps us keep tuition low and open our doors to students with demonstrated need that otherwise could not attend. Second, by investing in the Parents as Partners Program, you help us pay a fair wage and build and retain our first class teaching staff. Finally, by holding down our tuition we enroll more students. Each additional student moves us toward full capacity, which in turn helps our financial position. We would love to be able to say 100% of our parents partner with us to some degree. This statement makes a big difference in our success when we apply for grants. This program continues to grew each year and is an important source of non-tuition revenue to the school. Please join us in this important program.

Parents as Partner payments are processed
as donations and may be deductible!