BK Principal Search

BK Principal Search




BK Vision
A Catholic community achieving excellence in Learning, Service, and Life.

BK Mission 
Bishop Kelly High School’s (BK) Mission as a Catholic educational community is to educate and develop the whole student in the Catholic tradition – Spirit, Mind, and Body.

REPORTS TO:   Bishop Kelly High School President

SUPERVISES:   Assistant Principal(s), Activities Director, faculty, and administrative staff.

The primary role of the Principal of Bishop Kelly High School is to share with the President the responsibility of spiritual leadership for the BK Community, promoting and preserving the school’s mission to educate and develop the whole student in the Catholic tradition – Spirit, Mind, and Body.

The Principal shares in the visionary and strategic leadership with the President and personally promotes the success of all students and staff by participating in the development, articulation, and stewardship of a vision of learning that is shared and supported by the faculty, staff, students, parents, and Catholic Community as a whole.

The Principal is the instructional leader, promoting the academic, spiritual, and extracurricular success of all students, and the professional growth of all staff, by ensuring a unified vision and strategic plan implementation across the entire school community. 

 The Principal shares in the management and organizational leadership by promoting a safe, efficient, and effective learning environment, and manages the organization, operations, and resources for the success of all students and staff.


 Spiritual Leadership:

  • Models the life of a believing and practicing Catholic.
  • Fosters a Christian environment within the school setting.  
  • Provides and leads opportunities for religious growth for faculty and staff.  
  • With the campus ministry, ensures that students actively engage in spiritual growth opportunities and enthusiastically participate in community service.  
  • Exercises vigilance in guaranteeing that the program of religious education sponsored by Bishop Kelly High School -instruction and ministry- reflects the approved teaching and practices of the Catholic Church and Diocesan guidelines.

Visionary and Strategic Leadership:

  • In collaboration with the President, develops measurable short and long-term goals and objectives for appropriate areas of school life, including staffing, curriculum development, and facilities.
  • Communicates short and long-range goals and objectives, as well as the mission statement to the school community, most particularly within the faculty, staff, and student body.
  • In collaboration with the President, is responsible to see that a clearly articulated educational strategic plan is implemented.

Instructional Leadership:

  • In conjunction with the Assistant Principal(s), staff and faculty, oversees the following:
  • Development, implementation, evaluation, and refinement of curriculum and assessment based on research, teacher expertise, student and community needs, Secondary Catholic educational best practices, state and national curriculum standards and Diocesan guidelines.
  • Promotion of effective and innovative research-based instructional strategies.
  • Promotion and implementation of a professional development plan that is focused on student learning outcomes and is consistent with the school’s vision and goals.
  • Use and promotion of technology to advance faith formation, student learning outcomes, professional development, and overall school success.
  • Recruitment, selection, hire, supervision, evaluation, retention, or termination of academic, counseling, and administrative staff and volunteers in accordance with the policies of the Diocese of Boise.

Management and Organizational Leadership:

  • Assists the President in the development of policies required for the proper operations of Bishop Kelly High School.  
  • Ensures the implementation of Board of Governance adopted policies in all areas. 
  • Assists the President in providing a safe, effective learning facility.
  • Assists the President in providing the implementation of appropriate record management that meets all confidentiality and documentation requirements.
  • Oversees the preparation of a master schedule, staff assignment, and student schedules.
  • Uses and actively promotes problem-solving and conflict-management skills and strategies that foster positive student and teacher performance.
  • Coordinates all accreditation compliance for Idaho secondary schools, private schools, and Catholic Secondary educational requirements. 



 For the position of Principal of BKHS, the ideal candidate will have the following skills and qualifications:

  1. In order to be an appropriate role model, the Principal will be a practicing Catholic and the Principal shall exhibit a lifestyle that is compatible with Catholic moral values and professional conduct consistent with Catholic teaching. 
  2. Possess Master’s or Ph.D. degree in an applicable field of study. And, in keeping with the certification standards of the Idaho Department of Education, possess, or be capable of obtaining, within the period of certificate reciprocity, an Administrator Certificate with a principal endorsement, issued by the Idaho Department of Education.
  3. Subscribe in full to the philosophical concepts and expectations outlined in the Overview section of this position description, particularly to those that relate to the doctrines and teachings of the Catholic Church and the ideals and traditions of Catholic Education.
  4. Demonstrate the qualities of flexibility, firmness, and consistency, so essential for dealing effectively with students, teachers, parents, and the general public.
  5. Demonstrate exemplary skills in written and oral communication, and be willing to utilize these on behalf of the school in both private and public settings.
  6. Demonstrate successful experiences as a classroom teacher or school counselor.
  7. Have five plus years of school administration experience, preference is given for successful experience in a Catholic High School Environment. 
  8. Possess a clear understanding of the various curricular and co-curricular programs, and how they can assume their appropriate roles in a balanced program of learning experiences for students in a Catholic high school.
  9. Demonstrates strong relationship skills and the ability to build trust and confidence with faculty, staff, students, and parents.
  10. Demonstrates values and behaviors consistent with the BK Vision, BK Mission, and BK Way.


The President evaluates the performance of the Principal of Bishop Kelly High School annually. The evaluation of the Principal will be guided by the mission of the school, the strategic plan, the role description, the input from staff, the goals proposed by the Principal, and the Personnel Policies of the Diocese of Boise.  A written evaluation shall be provided to the principal.

Employment terms will be addressed in a written employment contract.

Application for this position must be completed electronically via email. To apply, please submit a cover letter that expresses interest and fit for the Bishop Kelly High School Principal position and a current resume with all appropriate dates included. Email documents to the Director of Human Resources, Amy Eisele, at aeisele@bk.org. Inquiries and applications will be held confidentially.  This position will be open until filled.  Please apply promptly.


The BK Way – what we believe and how we act

Jesus Christ is our Lord, our ultimate teacher and role model and we are actively dedicated to our spiritual formation.
Safe and Caring Place
BK is a safe, caring, and compassionate place where all students, staff, and parents feel welcomed and valued.
Academic Excellence
All students in every classroom are supported and challenged to do their very best and achieve personal excellence.
Participation in activities provides a valuable experience in student’s growth and development as we support and challenge them to achieve personal and team excellence.
Each member of the BK community is accountable to high standards of moral and ethical behavior in the classroom, hallways, at BK events, on the playing field, and in the stands.
Students, staff, and parents give back to the world generously of their time, talent, and treasure in ways that are productive to their fellow man.
Students, staff, and parents have a sense of ownership of their school as evidenced by their active participation in BK and having a voice in decisions that positively affect Bishop Kelly.
We need and value our students, staff, and parents as customers and thus we work together in partnership to meet and exceed their expectations.