November 11: Winner’s Choice Gala, Boise Centre

Posted by Deana Braden - September 29, 2017 - Events - No Comments

The 41st Annual Winner’s Choice Dinner and Auction is BK’s biggest event/fundraiser, sponsored by the Bishop Kelly Foundation. Every year, the event leads are tasked with selecting a fun and creative theme for the Knight. Past themes have included A Diamond Knight, A Knight in Vegas, A Knight in Paradise, Happy Birthday Knights, and many more. This year’s theme is Scary, Scary Knight but you certainly don’t need to be scared about what to wear! As always, formal cocktail attire/black-tie optional is the course de rigueur. If you’re feeling extra festive, formal masquerade lends itself perfectly to this event and is an easy addition to any outfit (Crazy Neighbor downtown has a wide array of masquerade masks).

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