Theology Curriculum

BK TheologyTheology curriculum at Bishop Kelly High School covers a broad range of instruction about the knowledge of God and religious truth. The focus of Bishop Kelly’s instructional theology program is to be found in what is called “didache” an awareness and experience of God’s love and redemption as revealed in scripture and tradition – the cognitive element. The school’s total theology program is composed of two additional components, known as “koinonia” – which is faith formation based on involvement in Christian community – and “diakonia” – which encompasses prayer, liturgy, sacramental celebrations, retreats, etc.

The primary goal of the Theology Department is to enhance the Catholic faith of its students and to help them explore, understand and articulate that faith which they already possess—in light of the Church’s experience and teaching.

Students will be taught the living, ongoing faith and tradition of the Catholic Church and they will be provided with the opportunities to experience that faith and tradition as their own. Students who graduate from Bishop Kelly High School will be able to articulate the beliefs of the Catholic Church as well as to express how these beliefs apply to their own lives. The department is currently adapting courses in light of the Doctrinal Elements of a curriculum Framework for the Development of Catechetical Materials for Young People of High School Age published by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops in 2007. 

In addition to traditional Theology classes, Bishop Kelly offers the opportunity for students to participate in campus ministry and service learning.  The campus ministry program allows students to live out the Gospel message through service to the total school community while the service learning program enables students to reach beyond the confines of school and family communities to benefit the larger community of which they are a part.

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