Mr. Joe Wilsey

Mr. Joe WilseyMr. Joe Wilsey
IT Manager

Mr. Wilsey has been working at BK for over five years. With 20 years experience in IT, he has been able to help BK change from a mostly wired campus to every student bringing their own wireless devices into the classrooms. He holds various Microsoft and other professional certifications obtained over the years as time allows. Mr. Wilsey holds a Bachelors of Business Administration earned from Boise State University.

Mr. Wilsey happily rides a bike or walks to work each day, happily bypassing all of the mall traffic. Any remaining free time is spent with family entertaining children. Occasionally he helps at Grace Assisted Living (next to BK) and also helps with prison ministry.

Come, let us sing to the Lord and shout with joy to the rock who saves us. Psalm 95:1