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Crew came to Bishop Kelly after attending Saint Joseph’s middle school. Having friends from Saint Joe’s made the transition to high school pretty easy, but even so, he saw his friend group evolve. “Once you get to BK you start to make friends who are involved in the same things you are. I met a lot of new people through athletics, and also aligned with some kids who had the same academic interests as me.” Crew plays BK football in the fall, wrestles during BK’s winter season, and plays Lacrosse for BK in the spring. So he had opportunities to meet new people even before school started. “Even though there were so many new people starting at BK with me, it was easy to find my group of friends.” Crew also felt supported as a multi-sport athlete here at BK. “My coaches have been encouraging, they understand that playing multiple sports helps athletes become more well rounded and not burn out.”

Now in his second year at BK, Crew can attest that being a three season student athlete takes dedication and hard work. Crew’s accomplishments in athletics are rivaled only by his success in the classroom. “I have several teachers who have helped me out. Mr. Harris teaches AP Human Geography, which is one of my favorite classes. He makes a complicated topic fun, and easy to understand.” Crew’s Accelerated Chemistry teacher has also helped to make a challenging subject interesting and enjoyable, and he really appreciates his theology teachers. “My family is not Catholic, although we do attend a different church. I was a little concerned at first, but all through middle school and BK my theology teachers have made sure that all the students in their classes feel cared about and included.”

Crew thinks that the choice to go to BK is simple. “There is no downside. BK has excellent academics, great athletics, and a caring and inclusive school culture.”

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