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Declan's BK

Declan's BK

Declan is the daughter of a BK Alumna, and had heard stories about BK all her life. As an 8th grader at South Junior High School, Declan started to think that it was time to make a change. “I was raised Catholic, and I knew my mom was interested in BK for me. So I was excited to learn more about the school. The only thing I really knew before coming here was that BK was really good at sports.” Declan came to BK knowing one other person in her grade. “It felt like it took me a minute to find my people. But I joined the Book Club, I met people in my classes and in the library. As soon as I started meeting people, everyone was really friendly and open.”

Now a Sophomore, Declan has a group of friends who she loves spending time with. “I’m in Pep Club, Environmental Club, and I love going to games with my friends. Watching sports is one of my favorite things to do, and BK has great school spirit.” Another of Declan’s favorite things to do is making music. She has been singing since she was a little girl, and with the help of her mom, has had some pretty cool opportunities to collaborate and perform. Locally, she has performed with LED and Curtis Stigers. Declan loves to share her gift with the community here in the Treasure Valley.

Declan is really proud to be a Knight. “Being at BK makes you realize that you are connected to a community that is bigger than just the current students. Parents, teachers, alumni - if you meet another Knight, that person is going to look out for you. It’s the perfect high school experience. The academics are great, every teacher wants to help you, the campus is beautiful, and the people are helpful and caring.”



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