Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

In the fall of 2014 a Steering Committee of faculty, staff, administrators, parents, alumni, and community members began work on Bishop Kelly’s third five-year strategic plan, which will take BK from 2015-2020.  We call this plan “BK Vision 2020.”  The process for developing the plan involved looking at data we have gathered the past four years, developing value propositions for all of our “customers” (students, parents, faculty/staff, alumni and community), completing a scenario planning exercise where we looked at what external and internal factors could impact our school in the future, developing goals and strategies aligned with the BK Way, setting priorities, and, pulling it all together in a comprehensive plan.

In 2010 the “Profile of a BK Graduate” became an important guide that helped the Bishop Kelly community shape our roadmap for the future.  The Profile of the BK Graduate is reflected in every goal of our strategic plan. From enhancing our spiritual and learning environment to creating opportunities for each of our students to participate in athletics and extracurricular activities, the development of our students in the Catholic tradition – spirit, mind, and body – drives us as we move forward.

BK Strategic Plan Thumbs Up

Many thanks to the members of the Steering Committee and students, parents and faculty/staff who provided feedback through our surveys and feedback sessions.

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