Additionally, these calendar resources are helpful for scheduling and planning:

All School Mass Days for 2020-2021:
September 17, 2020 – Virtual: BK YouTube
October 29, 2020 (Honoring Grandparents) – Virtual: BK YouTube
November 20, 2020 – Virtual: BK YouTube
December 3, 2020 – Virtual: BK YouTube
January 29, 2021 – Virtual: BK YouTube
February 17, 2021 – Ash Wednesday – Virtual: BK YouTube
March 17, 2021 – Virtual: BK YouTube
April 9, 2021 -Virtual: BK YouTube
May 19, 2021 (Honoring Senior Class of 2021)

BK Jean Days:

Students are allowed to wear blue jeans with BK t-shirts or sweatshirts for a donation of $2.00 on certain designated Fridays throughout the school year. The money collected goes to worthy, charitable causes. BK Students and Student Clubs are encouraged to contact Mrs. Horn to submit a non-profit organization for consideration to benefit from Jean Day collections.

College T-Shirt and Sweatshirt Days

On Mondays, students and staff can show their pride by wearing their favorite college sweatshirt or t-shirt.