Actual Cost
  • This is the tuition rate for Foreign Exchange & International Students
Tuition with Parish Support
  • To qualify, you must submit your Parish Subsidy Application to your parish (see below).

Tuition With Parish Support

To qualify, you must submit your Parish Support Application to your parish and be registered and a participating member of one of the following parishes generally before June 30, 2024 (please check with your parish for specific date):

  • St. John’s
  • St. Mark’s
  • Sacred Heart
  • Holy Apostles
  • St. Mary’s (Boise)
  • Risen Christ
  • St. Paul’s, Nampa
  • Our Lady of the Rosary

If the pastor does not grant approval, the tuition shall be the $10,210 regular tuition rate.

Manage Your Student’s Tuition Online

Bishop Kelly uses an online tuition management system called TADS. Your TADS account is an easy and convenient way to view your tuition and fees for the entire school year, make payments, and update your banking information. Throughout the school year, any fees for activities participation, retreats, etc. will be billed to you through your TADS account.

Online Tuition Management System FAQ

I don't have a TADS account, how do I log in?
You created an account when you registered your student(s). Enter your email and password to log in.
I forgot my password.
No problem! Just click on the blue "Forgot Password" link and follow the prompts to reset your password.
Do I have a different login for each of my students?
No, your students are conveniently combined into one account.
I have logged on. How do I view my account?
Click on Billing, and then click on your account number highlighted in blue. *Note: Each school year has its own account number. You can click on the blue invoice numbers to view the details of each invoice.
I have signed up for annual/semi-annual/ten-month tuition; however, I now want to change my payment plan. Can I switch?
Yes, just contact the Bishop Kelly Business office at (208) 947-1209 and we can make that switch for you. *Note: TADS will charge a one-time $60 fee for the ten-month option and you will be required to set up automatic payments on the TADS website.
I want to make a one-time payment to reduce my monthly tuition. Can I still do that?
Yes, you can make the payment online. TADS will automatically apply it to the oldest invoices first. Simply call the BK Business Office at (208) 947-1325 or TADS to have those funds applied the way you would like them.
When will I receive my statement?
You will receive your statement about 15 days before it is due but remember you can view your account information online at any time.
Late Fees
TADS will access a $50 late fee to invoices 5 days past due.
Returned Payment Fees
TADS will access a $50 fee for returned payments. If you are signed up for automatic payments, I would recommend logging into your account to verify you have updated any banking information that may have changed since you registered.
I am lost! Help!
TADS has a comprehensive help section. Click on the Green “Need Help?” button on the right hand side of your screen. Please feel free to contact Lori Biggs in the BK Business Office at (208) 947-1209 as well.