About the Kelly Pride Fund

2017 Kelly Pride Fund - Give Now

The Kelly Pride Fund is an annual drive designed to involve our entire community in the ministry of Catholic education at Bishop Kelly. The Kelly Pride Fund ensures that Bishop Kelly is able to provide the quality and variety of spiritual, academic, co-curricular, and extracurricular programs that give each student the opportunity to fulfill their full potential. Every component of a Bishop Kelly education is served by a successful annual fund, thus, every student and program benefits from the Kelly Pride Fund. Additionally, the Kelly Pride Fund allows donors to designate their gift to the Bishop Kelly Foundation or to specific programs and projects.

BK Annual Fund

The Kelly Pride Fund is designed to move our community away from our current culture of transactional fundraising toward a culture of philanthropy. The vision is that over time we can eliminate inefficient fundraisers that cause our community to invest a lot of time, energy and dollars to make money for product vendors instead of BK! This shift will allow coaches to coach, teachers to teach, students to learn and participate in activities, and will give parents a vehicle to make tax deductible contributions directly to the school.

The focus of the annual fund is to involve as many people in our community as possible by inviting them to make a gift that is within their philanthropic budget.  Whether that is a new alum giving $20.00, or a longtime supporter giving at the $2,000.00 level, every gift to Bishop Kelly makes a BIG difference – especially yours!

So what does your donation mean to Bishop Kelly?

  • A donation of $84.00 per month ($1,000.00 annually) to Bishop Kelly could provide 9 Physics textbooks, 5 football helmets, a cello for the orchestra, or the marjority of the greens fees for the BK golf teams for the year.
  • A donation of $30.00 per month ($360.00 annually) to Bishop Kelly could purchase 3 Biology Textbooks, a Lacrosse helmet, or help some of our teachers attend valuable technology training.
  • A donation of $10.00 per month ($120.00 annually) to Bishop Kelly would cover the cost of headgear for 5 wrestlers, supplies for a class retreat, or six new Catholic Faith textbooks.
  • Even a one time donation of $10.00, $25.00, or $75.00 provides much needed support for Bishop Kelly!

The average gift from our generous parents to the 2013 BK Annual Fund is nearly $500.00.  So far 68 donors have joined the Knights Club by donating $1,000.00 or more.  Your involvement makes a huge difference at BK!  Thank you for your gift.

We are proud to report that 100% of our Faculty and Staff, and 100% of our Board of Governance are participating in the 2013 Annual Fund.  Please join us!

Matching Gifts

Matching Gifts occur when participating companies match (sometimes up to four times) the amount of dollars given to BK by their employees and spouses, or retirees. The company matches the gift only after the donor has sent his or her gift to BK along with the company’s matching gift form. These forms can be obtained from the personnel offices of most companies. Check with your personnel office to find out what kind of gifts they match.