Tuition Assistance

Tuition Assistance

Bishop Kelly High School is strongly committed to tuition assistance. In fact, 30% of the families attending BK are currently receiving some form of need based assistance.

BK offers three ways families can receive aid. Families may apply for one or all of the programs. Further, families can inquire at their parishes for additional scholarship opportunities.

Tiered Tuition:

Available to families with more than one child at Bishop Kelly High School. No application is required; simply list your students on your tuition application.

The following discounts apply: Supporting Parish Regular Tuition
Oldest Child $8,450.00 $9,250.00
2nd Child – 10% discount $7,605.00 $8,325.00
3rd Child – 20% discount $6,760.00 $7,400.00
4th Child – 30% discount $5,915.00 $6,475.00
Financial Grant:

This is financial assistance, based on financial need. To be eligible for a Financial Grant, the Tuition Assistance Application, Sections 1-4, with a copy of the 2021 Federal Tax return and W-2′s, must be signed and submitted by April 30, 2022. Aid is awarded based upon funding available and criteria listed on the application. Each family is expected to contribute toward its student’s education, and under no circumstances is 100% aid available. Applications received after the April 30th deadline will be reviewed in September, if funds are available; otherwise, they will be reviewed for the second semester in December. This applies only to Financial Grant applications.

Work Study:

Available to those families who have need for additional aid. To be eligible for work study, the Tuition Assistance Application, Sections 1-5, with a copy of the 2021 Federal Tax return and W-2′s, must be signed and submitted by April 30, 2022. Primary consideration is given to those families who are applying for a financial grant. Work will be done in the summer prior to fall semester with payment made directly to the student with the intent that earnings will be used toward tuition, fees and expenses for attendance at Bishop Kelly High School.


The Bishop Kelly Foundation and Bishop Kelly High School strongly support the goal of diversity in the Bishop Kelly student body, and the ideal of making a Catholic high school education available to all students, regardless of ability to pay. To that end, the Bishop Kelly Foundation and Bishop Kelly High School award several scholarships annually. The recipients are chosen based on financial need, and application is made through the school’s normal financial aid process (applicants do not need to apply for any specific scholarship in this process).

Scholarships offered through the Bishop Kelly Foundation
The Laura Moore Cunningham Scholarship
The St. Josephine Bakhita Scholarship