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2013 Annual Fund - Give Now

Each student at Bishop Kelly, from the Class of 1965 to the Class of 2015, has benefitted from the generosity of someone else. Gifts of time, talent and treasure from our BK family enhance each student’s high school experience, while allowing us to keep tuition approximately 25% lower than the actual cost to educate each student. Additionally, the generosity of our community allows us to offer need based assistance to more than 25% of our student body, keeping Bishop Edward Kelly’s dream of accessible Catholic education alive.

Since Bishop Kelly opened her doors, every friendship forged here, every trophy won, every big idea and small silent prayer were made possible because someone like you cared enough to give back to the students of Bishop Kelly.

Thank you for volunteering. Thank you for sharing your expertise. Thank you for your generous financial gifts.

Thank you, from all of us at Bishop Kelly.

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