Application Fee:
An application fee of $215 for new students and $190 for returning students is due during the online enrollment process.

Student Fees:
An annual fee is assessed by grade level to cover books, including rental for textbooks, all workbooks and paperbacks; activity fee, campus ministry, nurse, technology, activities transportation, parking, lockers, mandatory testing, BK Parents Association membership, and instructional budgets for English, Science, Math, P.E., Social Studies, World Languages, and Theology. Student fees are due July 10, 2023

Freshman and Sophomores – $875
Juniors – $960
Seniors (Includes graduation and economics fee) – $1,045

The fees do not include fees for elective classes, voluntary testing fees, retreats, extracurricular participant fee, spirit packs or other types of clothing.

Capital Improvement Fee:
All students are assessed an $80 Capital Improvement Fee.

Campus Security Fee:
All students are assessed a $55 Campus Security Fee.

Building Maintenance Fee:
All new students are assessed a one-time $300 Building Maintenance Fee.


You are renting your locker from Bishop Kelly High School for the current school year.
You are responsible for everything in or on your locker and you will be held accountable.  Keep it LOCKED at all times.
At the end of each semester it is to be emptied, cleaned , and wiped down.  DO NOT leave food in the lockers over school breaks!
Cleaning products will be provided during locker clean out times throughout the year.
No garbage, food, posters, personal belongings, stickers, or graffiti should be left in or on your locker.
If someone else writes on your locker, report it to the Attendance Office immediately or you will be held accountable.
If there is an issue with your locker, please let the Attendance Office know ASAP so it can be taken care of appropriately.
At the end of the school year, students will be charged:
$25 for not cleaning out their locker completely (items in or on locker / dirty locker)
$15 for a missing lock