Counseling and College Preparation

Mission Statement: 

As counselors at Bishop Kelly, our mission is to provide a comprehensive school counseling program that assists all students in acquiring the skills, knowledge, and attitudes needed to become effective students, responsible citizens, productive workers and lifelong learners.  

We are passionate about what we do and are committed to helping you achieve your educational goals.  

This site includes academic, personal and social, and college and career resources to help you meet your needs.  Content specific information is included in the tabs below. 


Find your Counselor:

  • Mrs. Haener (last names ending in A-G)
  • Mr. Kristensen (last names ending in H-O)
  • Mrs. Kane (Classes of 2019 and beyond – last names ending in P-Z.
  • Mrs. Crum (Class of 2018 -last names ending in P-Z; College and Career Counselor for all grade levels)


School Profile – 2018-19
18-19 School Profile (2)


+Grade 9

9th Grade Tips for Success

Next Steps Idaho is a great resource for students and parents as you plan not only for high school, but for your career.

9th Grade checklist

+Grade 10

10th Grade Tips for Success

Next Steps Idaho is a great resource for students and parents as you plan not only for high school, but for your career.

10th Grade Checklist

+Grade 11

Junior Parent College Information  – coming soon

Next Steps Idaho is a great resource for students and parents as you plan not only for high school, but for your career.

11th Grade Checklist

College Planning: How To Get Started” This is a handy guide from College Board for Parents. college-planning-how-to-get-started

Big Future is a resource provided by College Board to help students and parents navigate the College Application Process. is a free college planning site with a step‐by‐step approach to help students find, afford and enroll in a college that’s right for them.

Important Information for Parents of Juniors and Seniors Newsletter, September 2018

+Grade 12

Senior College Planning Powerpoint

Next Steps Idaho is a great resource for students and parents as you plan not only for high school, but for your career.

College Data is an online College Planner that offers a wide variety of tools to help you with every aspect of the college application process. Do a school search, analyze college data (admission statistics, costs, housing, financial aid and much more). A one stop resource for students and parents.

12th Grade Checklist

Click here for the Senior Snapshot Form  Seniors are asked to copy this form, paste it to your Google Drive to complete, and then share an electronic copy with your counselor to assist us in writing letters of recommendation.  Please remember that we need three weeks advanced notice, so plan ahead so we can work together to meet your due dates.

Senior College Transcript and Recommendation Process and Timeline. Please refer to this document to make sure you and your counselor are working together to submit your college documents in a timely manner.

College Planning: How To Get Started” This is a handy guide from College Board for Parents. college-planning-how-to-get-started

Big Future is a resource provided by College Board to help students and parents navigate the College Application Process. is a free college planning site with a step‐by‐step approach to help students find, afford and enroll in a college that’s right for them.

College Data is an online College Planner that offers a wide variety of tools to help you with every aspect of the college application process. Do a school search, analyze college data (admission statistics, costs, housing, financial aid and much more). A one stop resource for students and parents.

Important Information for Parents of Juniors and Seniors Newsletter, September 2018

+Choosing a College

Choosing a College

College Planning: How To Get Started” This is a handy guide from College Board for Parents. college-planning-how-to-get-started

“20 Questions to Ask A College Admissions Representative” A Guide for students and parents.questions-to-ask-college-representatives


Resources & Scholarships for Catholic College Students:

To assist students who will be comparing business schools and programs before enrolling, we developed an all-in-one business degree database where students can review and compare business schools and programs across the country. Discover Degrees in Business We obtained the information about each business school and their program offerings from the AACSB, ACBSP, NCES and also from direct correspondence with the admissions office of each business school. We also included guides on how to pass the SAT and ACT to help prospective business students get through admission.

+College and Admission Testing

Below are the 2018-19 test dates for both the SAT and ACT. To register you will need our school code (130041)

2018-19 SAT National Test Dates

2018-19 SAT Administration Dates and Deadlines
SAT Date SAT Subject Tests Available Registration Deadline Late Registration Deadline Deadline for Changes
August 25, 2018


See SAT Subject Tests available on this date July 27, 2018 August 7, 2018 (for mailed registrations)

August 15, 2018 (for registrations made online or by phone)

August 15, 2018
October 6, 2018


See SAT Subject Tests available on this date September 7, 2018 September 18, 2018 (for mailed registrations)

September 26, 2018 (for registrations made online or by phone)

September 26, 2018
November 3, 2018


See SAT Subject Tests available on this date October 5, 2018 October 16, 2018 (for mailed registrations)

October 24, 2018 (for registrations made online or by phone)

October 24, 2018
December 1, 2018


See SAT Subject Tests available on this date November 2, 2018 November 13, 2018 (for mailed registrations)

November 20, 2018 (for registrations made online or by phone)

November 20, 2018
March 9, 2019


SAT Subject Tests not offered on this date February 8, 2019 February 19, 2019 (for mailed registrations)

February 27, 2019 (for registrations made online or by phone)

February 27, 2019
May 4, 2019


See SAT Subject Tests available on this date April 5, 2019 April 16, 2019 (for mailed registrations)

April 24, 2019 (for registrations made online or by phone)

April 24, 2019
June 1, 2019


See SAT Subject Tests available on this date May 3, 2019 May 14, 2019 (for mailed registrations)

May 22, 2019 (for registrations made online or by phone)

May 22, 2019


Score Release Dates

Most SAT scores are released about two weeks after test day. June scores take longer, up to six weeks. Find out when scores will be released.

Important Information

U.S. deadlines apply to students testing in the United States and U.S. territories.

  • U.S. registration materials that are mailed must be postmarked by the U.S. deadlines. The deadlines expire at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time, U.S.
  • Additional fees apply if you register late, change your test center, change your test date, or switch from taking the SAT to taking a Subject Test after registering. Find out how to make registration changes and get deadlines.
  • Sunday administrations usually occur the day after each Saturday test date for students who cannot test on Saturday due to religious observance. Please note this exception: Sunday testing for the October 3, 2020 SAT will be held October 18, 2020.
  • If you miss the late registration deadline, you may be able to get on the waitlist.
  • Your registration options will be limited if you aren’t taking the SAT for one of its main purposes.


SAT Subject Tests

2018-19 ACT  National Test Dates

To register, go to

Please note that all Bishop Kelly juniors take the ACT in the Spring at Bishop Kelly. Registration for that exam will take place at Bishop Kelly.

2018-2019 Test Dates (National)
Test Date Registration Deadline (Late Fee Required)
September 8, 2018** August 10, 2018 August 11-26, 2018
October 27, 2018 September 28, 2018 September 29-October 14, 2018
December 8, 2018 November 2, 2018 November 3-19, 2018
February 9, 2019* January 11, 2019 January 12-18, 2019
April 13, 2019 March 8, 2019 March 9-25, 2019
June 8, 2019 May 3, 2019 May 4-20, 2019
July 13, 2019* June 14, 2019 June 15-24, 2019


Note that Bishop Kelly will only be able to send either all test scores for both the ACT and SAT, or no test scores.  When a transcript is requested, we will ask the student whether they want all ACT and SAT scores sent to the colleges to which they apply.  If they say the do not want all scores sent, it will be the responsibility of the student to request that their scores be sent directly from the testing agency.  Please contact your counselor if you have further questions regarding this new policy.


CollegeBoard Score Report Policy:  Please take time to read the policy regarding the sending of SAT scores to colleges.  The following website gives information regarding this policy:

SAT/ACT Fee Waiver Information. The counselors have information on ACT and SAT fee waivers. There are eligibility requirements which must be met in order to receive a fee waiver. Income levels are based on the USDA Food and Nutrition Service Income Eligiblity Guidelines. Contact your counselor if you think you might qualify for the waiver. 

ACT/SAT Test Preparation:  Many students find it beneficial to enroll in preparation classes prior to taking the ACT and/or SAT.  The counselors do not specifically endorse any specific preparation program and feel there are many that are helpful.  Following is information on a few local preparation programs that other students have found beneficial.

Kathi Lecertua provides preparation before each administration of both the ACT and SAT.  Kathi was the career counselor at Borah High School and has offered SAT and ACT test prep classes to students in the Valley for over 25 years. Sessions focus on testing strategies, math, critical reading, sentence completion, science reasoning, and essay writing. Actual SAT and ACT exams are used in class for practice. Cost is $175, payable at the first class. Classes meet int he Eagle area. She can be reached at 208 761-4140, or by email at

Club Z offers individual tutoring as well as test preparation.  Their phone number is 424-9500.

Huntington Learning Centers provide preparation sessions at each of their Boise locations. Huntington provides an individualized prep program that allows students to work 1:1 with instructors while they pin point their specific needs to get the best results possible.

Tutor Doctor offers customized 1:1 and small group ACT/SAT preparation. Small group preparation is 18 hours in the classroom followed by three hours of 1:1 tutoring to maximize scores. Our ACT SUCCESS program provides a highly-detailed, six-page analytic report to pinpoint exactly where students nee d the most help. On average, students who complete our ACT SUCCESS program have raised their composite score by six points! We are located at 4840 N. Rosepoint Way, Suite C, Boise, 83713. Phone: 208-591-8140.

Free ACT/SAT prep is available from the following resources:

SAT Test Prep:

ACT Test Prep: – free ACT Test prep questions.

Collegeboard and Khan Academy test prep For the first time ever, the creators of the SAT have given Khan Academy exclusive access and advice to build a personalized practice program for anyone, anywhere. By linking your Collegeboard and Khan Academy accounts, students can access free, personalized test prep using PSAT test results. For more information, go to

+College Athletics

NCAA Clearinghouse If you hope to participate in NCAA Division 1 or 2 athletics in college, you will need to register with the NCAA Clearinghouse at the end of your junior year or during your senior year.  The guidelines for this process can be found at Please note that courses taken through Brigham Young University Independent Study, and Idaho Digital Learning Academy Flex Program do not meet NCAA core course requirements. Before taking any correspondence courses, please check with your counselor. Please note that to play Division 1 sports, you need to pass 10 NCAA core courses before the start of your senior year. At least 7 of those core courses must be in English, Math, or Science. After you have registered, contact Mr. Kristensen to have him send official transcripts.

NAIA Eligibility Center Students hoping to participate in NAIA intercollegiate athletics, must register on the NAIA website found at After you have registered, contact Mr. Kristensen to have him send official transcripts.

What is an NAIA Online Showcase? It is an ONLINE recruiting tool that will gain you exposure with NAIA coaches from coast to coast. Student-athletes can submit their highlight film in the format of a URL link, along with their player information that will be distributed to sport specific NAIA coaches. If a coach is interested they will reach out to the athlete directly. Cost is $29.99.

+College Visits


  • You will not be sent a reminder, so please note the date and time for the visits in your agenda. 
  • You must sign up by 3:30pm the day before the visit to be excused from class.
  • Only juniors and seniors may be excused from class for college visits.
  • Each student may only attend 5 sessions per year. Visits held during the Office Hours meeting time are open to all grade levels, if students obtain a pass from their counselor prior to the meeting.
  • Sign up in the College Visit notebook located across the hall from the Library, or in the College and Career Counseling Center (Room 406).

    Click here for the Current College Visit Schedule

    Click here for the College Visitation Validation Form

+Financial Aid Resources

Because each family has circumstances unique to them, we encourage all students to search for independent scholarships through one of the following search engines. Please contact your counselor if you need assistance setting up your scholarship profile.

Financial Aid Web-Sites
Many students are interested in finding out information about national scholarships. While the career center and counselors receive much information about these, please be aware that there are many others that we simply don’t know about. Looking for scholarships can almost be like a part-time job and you have to be willing to put some time and effort into the search. The institutions you will be attending are your greatest resource for financial aid, however, there are several web-sites that can help your search.

This is a vast array of tools to assist students and counselor with scholarship and college information. Check out the website for details! 

The Profile Wizard Helps Students Find More Matches
Students can login to Fastweb and see the Profile Wizard in the form of a questionnaire at the top of their “My Fastweb” page. It highlights profile areas that still need to be filled out. The more details students include in their profile, the more personalized scholarship matches they will see.
New on Fastweb – Part Time Job Matches
Fastweb has now included part time job matches to the scholarship and internship matches generated for students from their profiles. Matches can be found in Fastweb’s Career Planning section.


CollegeBoard Help for Parents and Students
While CollegeBoard might be better known for their AP and SAT tests, they also have an extensive website that has a great deal of information regarding college and financial planning.  There are specific sites for both parents and students

FAFSA Information
The Free Application for Federal Student Aid is available online at  This website will walk you through the process of registering for federal financial aid.  Be aware of websites that try to charge you for this free service. Seniors from the Class of 2019 may submit your FAFSA beginning October 1 (using 2017 tax information). For more information, go to

Ultimate Guide to the FAFSA:

Graduating Without Debt:

College Savings Plans:

CSS Profile
The CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE is an application distributed by the College Board allowing college students to apply for institutional financial aid. It is primarily designed to give private member institutions of the College Board a closer look into the finances of a student and family. It is much more detailed than the FAFSA. Generally, colleges with early acceptance programs use the CSS PROFILE to make preliminary financial aid decisions. For information and to apply, go to

Financial Aid Information 
This website offers students and parents clear information about the basics of college financial aid. recently published a student financial aid guide for women. THey have compiled scholarships for women in numerous fields (from STEM subjects to law and medicine) and from different backgrounds. This guide also offers great advice on winning scholarships, including tips from financial aid guru Mark Kantrowitz, the founder of

Nitro is an online guide helping students figure out how to pay for college. They just released a step-by-step guide on how to fill out the FAFSA, question by question.

Going Merry – One app that allows you to apply to scholarships directly.

+Military and Academy Resources

Military Academy Information

Air Force Academy and ROTC Check out these links for important information regarding Air Force ROTC and the Air Force Academy. or


CURRENT SCHOLARSHIPS is a social enterprise focused on expanding access to higher education, especially among low income and first generation students. Rather than waiting until the end of high school to earn scholarships, which is often too late to impact a student’s college ambitions or choices, enables students to earn scholarships throughout high school, starting as early as 9th grade, for doing all the things that best prepare them to succeed, whether that’s getting good grades, volunteering in the community or joining an extracurricular.

University of Idaho
Information on student financial aid services, including scholarships, is available at

Northwest Nazarene University: With NNU admission, guaranteed $4000 if you graduate with a 3.0 GPA.  This scholarship is in addition to any academic or activity scholarship that may be awarded.  Information can be found at

Scholastic Art and  Writing Awards: For information about these awards, visit

The Idaho Community Foundation manages over 70 different scholarship funds – each customized according to the desires of the fund creator. Each has its own eligibility criteria, application requirements, and review process. Many have their own applications, deadlines, and eligibility requirements.

National Honor Society (NHS) members have access to a new scholarship search tool. It’s exclusively tailored to make searching for scholarships by NHS members more efficient and productive. NHS Scholar Dollars offers filtered results based on the four pillars of NHS: scholarship, service, leadership, and character. It’s accessible through the NHS website. Members can visit and enter the pillars most aligned to their accomplishments. This will present them with more focused options to pursue in seeking scholarship support. has several scholarships of interest for graduating seniors. More information can be found at

University of North Carolina Charlotte Levine Scholars Program takes the brightest, most capable students and gives them the tools, resources, and environment they need to make a difference in the world. This is a four-year, full tuition + room as well as a grant to implement a service project of the Scholar’s own design. For more information, go to

The State of Idaho The state of Idaho offers several scholarships to graduating seniors who plan to study at a public or private college or university in Idaho. For more information on criteria and due dates, go to

University of Montana Micro-scholarships: The University has partnered with to allow students to earn scholarships to the University of Montana earlier in high school and help them see how they can be a competitive candidate at UM. When UM awards student scholarships on, we are guaranteeing these scholarships will be included in their financial aid package after they are admitted. Read more about the program here

Honors Graduation Scholarship Whether through essays or multimedia, you’ve used your voices to share visions for a better world. So here’s your chance to put them to action! Submit a proposal for how you’ll better your community. Because this will be a much more rigorous process with multiple rounds, we’re also raising the bar for tuition awards: from five $1,000 tuition awards to five $10,000 tuition awards! We will also fund the top project up to $5,000.

College of Idaho Heritage Scholar Program provides full-tuition scholarships to highly qualified students with exceptional intellectual ability. Students will be chosen to apply from all College of Idaho applicants. Applicants will submit a 750-1000 word essay describing how a specific non-academic experience has been beneficial to the applicant and their community.

Registration is now live on our website for the Kathryn Albertson Scholarship Competition at the College of Idaho.

Next Steps Idaho now has information on Scholarships for Idaho students. LEARN MORE.

Guide to Catholic scholarships

It has up-to-the-minute details of 20 different opportunities specifically for Catholics students to apply for. There’s expert advice about putting together a winning application and finding other less common scholarships. And a ton of info about attending Catholic universities, finding the Catholic community on campus, and much more.

Skidmore Scholarship Opportunities: For more information about scholarships in Math, Science, and Music go to

First Scholarships The mission of FIRST® is to inspire young people to be science and technology leaders and innovators, by engaging them in exciting mentor-based programs that build science, engineering, and technology skills, that inspire innovation, and that foster well-rounded life capabilities including self-confidence, communication, and leadership.  Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the many scholarship opportunities.

SeniorAdvice Caregiver Scholarship – $2,000 Award
For students who have acted as caregiver to an adult friend or relative in any capacity:

Seton Hall University Catholic High School Achievement Award. The Catholic High School Achievement Award is a competitive scholarship awarded exclusively to incoming freshmen currently enrolled in a Catholic high school who have a minimum of an unweighted 3.0 GPA and a 1350 SAT (new) 1290 SAT two-score (old) or 29 on the ACT as well as a strong record of involvement in your high school, community or church. This $2,000 award is renewable for three additional years for a total award of $8,000 as long as the student maintains a 3.0 GPA and earns at least 30 credits annually. There is no application required for this scholarship; the scholarship is automatically awarded to students who meet the eligibility requirements shortly after admission. Learn more by visiting the Catholic High School Achievement Award page.

National Co-Op Scholarship Program consists of 160 merit co-op scholarships for high school seniors planning to participate in college cooperative education.

College Board ScholarshipsThe more effort you put in, the more chances you get to earn a scholarship ranging from $500 to $2,000. If you complete all six steps, you’re eligible to earn a $40,000 scholarship. Scholarships are awarded—through monthly drawings—to students who complete each step. Beginning with the class of 2020, we’ll be awarding scholarships ranging from $500 to $40,000.

College Express offers a scholarship search engine with many opportunities for students to earn scholarship money.

Your local Better Business Bureau is giving away $12,000 in scholarships! Encourage your high school juniors and seniors to apply

The Idaho Epilepsy Foundation offers two $5000 scholarships to a students with epilepsy. Deadline is June 1, 2019

American Indian Colloquium- Scholarships11-2018  Scholarships and financial aid available for American Indian students and Idaho institutions.

The College of Western Idaho Foundation Scholarships open on January 2nd! Students can go to and click the big white button on the right side of the page that says “Start the Scholarship Application today”.

The Lewis Clark State College general scholarship application is now available at  Instructions for the application are on the website as well as the online and paper form.  LCSC’s priority deadline is March 1st.  Students must submit a 7th semester transcript in order to be considered for a merit-based scholarship.  Award letters for merit-based scholarships will be mailed to students after February 1.

The Imagine America Foundation offers scholarships for trade and technical school students.

The Coolidge Scholarship is an annually awarded, full-ride, presidential scholarship that covers a student’s tuition, room, board, and expenses for four years of undergraduate study. This one-of-a-kind scholarship may be used at any accredited college or university in the U.S. Students apply for this scholarship during their junioryear of high school. Deadline is 1/23/2019.

Loras College offers scholarship opportunities specifically tied to faith development. For more information and deadlines, see their website.

Caldwell Western Heritage Foundation Scholarship will award six $2000.00 scholarships to deserving high school seniors who have shown a farm, agriculture, or rodeo interest. Please see Mrs. Crum for a copy of the application. Deadline is March 20, 2019.

The Haugse-Cossey Foundation helps students from Ada County by providing scholarships to students with demonstrated financial need. Students must have a cumulate GPA of 3.0 and be a permanent resident of Ada County and a US Citizen. Deadline is April 15, 2019. Application forms are available from Mrs. Crum.

DL Evans Bank is offering 36 $500 scholarship to graduating high school seniors who plan to continue their studies in several Idaho colleges/universities. For more details go to

Westmark Credit Union is offering 15 $1,000 scholarships to students who are members of their credit unior and planning to attend an accredited post secondary school (does not have to be in Idaho). Deadline is 3/18/19. Application can be found here.

The Idaho Power Academic Excellence Scholarship provides 10 $2,000 scholarships for graduating seniors who reside in the Idaho Power service area. These are non-renewable grants. Must attend college in Idaho or Oregon and have a 3.75 GPA. Deadline is 3/1/19. Additional scholarships and information can be found on their website. 

Digital Arts, Film and Animation Competition for Dear and Hard of Hearing Students. Grades 9-12, cash prize of $250. Deadline is 3/15/19.

Juniors interested in attending Furman University can be selected as a Furman Scholar and be awarded at least $20,000 per year. Must be a junior with a 3.5 GPA or higher, significant extra curricular and leadership, 1360 SAT or PSAT, or 29 ACT. Students must be nominated by a counselor by 4/1/19. For more information, click here.

Boise State University Scholarship Opportunity:  The Mary Ellen Callanan Memorial Scholarship ( is available for BK graduates only who have an entry-level GPA of at least 3.0, declare a major in the College of Art and Sciences, and are full-time (12+ credits) students. Boise State application must be submitted by February 15 AND you must complete the general scholarship application by that date in order to be automatically considered in the applicant pool .  This is a significant, renewable award (if criteria continues to be met).  Although it is titled as the “Mary Ellen Callanan Literature Scholarship”, it is not necessary to be an English or Lit Major, but the major must definitely be part of the College of Arts and Sciences.  Award recipient will be notified in May.

The College of Idaho Kathryn Albertson Scholarship Competition is coming up in February. The spots are filling up fast so please register ASAP.

The Pacific Northwest Association for College Admission Counseling (PNACAC) is pleased to offer scholarships to students in our region! Five students who attend school in Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington will be selected for a one-time, non-renewable $1,000 scholarship. Students from diverse backgrounds and all family income backgrounds are encouraged to apply. The deadline to apply is March 1, 2019 at midnight.
Apply here.

The YMCA will be awarding approximately $22,000 in college scholarships this year through the Treasure Valley Family YMCA Scholarship for Civic Engagement. This is a need based scholarship. The primary criteria for determining the award is the student’s demonstrated commitment to working within our communities to bring about a positive change. Volunteering for a single organization or service in order to receive school credit or fulfill a  requirement are generally not enough to win this award.  We can only nominate one student from Bishop Kelly. If you feel you meet the nominating criteria, please email Mrs. Crum and she will get you an application. Deadline for submitting your materials to Mrs. Crum is March 1.

Fastweb  has a compilation of key scholarship opportunities, 2019 Scholarships. In this article, students will find opportunities listed by due date to help them create a plan for applying to their best options. Also new, our 2019 Internships article, a list of career focused internship opportunities for students looking to gain valuable career experience. Both lists are updated regularly.

Lockheed Martin has launched a new scholarship program to provide opportunities to students who want to build their talents and change the world! Beginning in 2019, we are awarding 200 scholarships of $10,000 per student – renewable each year. The program will continue to add up to 200 new recipients each year, and will be open to individuals studying engineering or computer science that demonstrate financial need and come from underrepresented or underserved communities.

The National Catholic College Admission Association Scholarship is a one-time, $1,000 award. This year’s application is now available. The application is brief and will take students a few minutes to complete. The deadline to apply is March 15 and award recipients will be selected in mid to late March. Further details regarding the scholarship and application procedures can be foundhere. To learn more about the many educational opportunities our member colleges and universities have to offer, please visit our website.

The Recovery Village is offering a $1,000 scholarship to students pursuing a medical-related course of study. To enter to win a $1,000 scholarship, simply submit a short essay (no more than 500 words) describing why you are passionate about substance use disorder and mental health treatment. Deadline is 6/30/2019.

The Women’s Guide to Scholarships as a quick-reference for women who are currently in college or preparing to go back to school. Some of the topics covered include: financial aid for women, scholarships, majors and career paths, roadblocks to education, and the gender wage gap.

The McClendon Engineering Inc. Scholarship intends to provide financial support for high school seniors in the Treasure Valley planning on perusing a degree in Structural Engineering or Architecture. One (1) student will be selected to receive $1,000 one time only. This scholarship is non-renewable. Criteria:500 – 1,000 word essay. Completed Application. High School Senior (12th Grade). Living in the Treasure Valley. Planning to study Structural Engineering or Architecture. Minimum High School 2.5 GPA. Accepted to a college/university and enrolling Fall 2019. Deadline is 4/8/2019. See Mrs. Crum for an application.

If you are interested in scholarships and financial aid for American Indian students, please contact Mrs. Crum. This information is specific for Idaho colleges and universities. Deadlines vary.

Lewis-Clark State College allows each high school to nominate one student for the Counselor Leadership Award. If you plan to attend LCSC, see Mrs. Crum before March 1.

Windermere Real Estate offers five $1,000 to local high school students who plan to continue college in Idaho. Judging criteria is based on financial need, extracurricular activities, and scholastic achievement. See Mrs. Crum if you are interested in applying. Deadline is 4/15/2019.

St Francis University provides the Roundstone Scholarship ($19,000) to graduates of Catholic High Schools outside of Pennsylvania. This scholarship is renewable for 4 years.

+Student Summer and School Year Enrichment Opportunities

Miscellaneous Announcements and Opportunities

Each year the counseling department receives numerous requests to nominate students for a variety of leadership opportunities. The National Youth Leadership Forums offer programs on Medicine; Law; National Security; Defense, Intelligence and Diplomacy; and Collegiate Success. If you would like more information, check their website at The Global Young Leaders Conference offers similar opportunities. Their website is People to People Leadership Program information is available at Lead America’s website is Contact your counselor if you would like to be nominated for a specific forum.

Since 1985, Envision’s immersive career exploration and leadership development programs have inspired more than 800,000 students. Located at top college campuses across the country, Envision programs are taught by subject matter experts and built on modern, 21st-century learning principles. From performing a surgery using virtual reality, to conducting a mock trial in an actual courtroom, to learning how to create a grassroots organization to affect positive change, Envision programs provide practical, hands-on learning experiences that students call “amazing” and parents call “transformative.”

Rotary Short Term International Exchange Program – Through STEP, two students spend about eight weeks together experiencing each other’s family, country, and culture: four weeks with your host family abroad and four weeks in your home. For more information, see your counselor or contact Thomas Rosenthal at 208-863-4242.

REMYS is a seven week non-residential summer program at Boise State University, designed to provide an environment for talented (middle and) high school students in Idaho from economically disadvantaged or underrepresented backgrounds to explore the world of mathematics and foster interaction with a larger community of student researchers and scientists. The program is supported by the Mathematical Association of America and the Department of Mathematics at Boise State University.

University of Notre Dame Pre-College programs offer high school students a taste of college life, academics, and the Notre Dame community. Check out our website for more information, and please encourage promising students to apply to one of our stellar on-campus programs or our summer study abroad opportunities!
2019 Summer Programs:

  • Study Abroad Rome: June 1 – June 15, 2019
  • Summer Scholars: June 22 – July 6, 2019
  • Leadership Seminars: July 13 – July 24, 2019
  • Study Abroad Ireland: July 13 – July 27, 2019

If you’ve got a phone, you can make a film—and enter it in our Force for Good Film Festival.

Columbia University Summer Immersion Program offers residential options for students who will be 16 years of age or older by the start of the program. There is also a Barcelona only program for students entering grades 11-12, or first year of college in the fall.

Stanford Pre-Collegiate Summer Institutes is a three-week summer residential program held on Stanford campus that provides academically talented and intellectually curious students currently in grades 8–11 with intensive study in a single course.

Oxbridge Academic Programs has been welcoming intellectually adventurous students to summer study programs since 1986. Professor James Basker designed these programs for students in grades 7-12 with the goal of giving them the opportunity to live and study in historic centers of learning. Today we offer programs in England, France, Spain, and the United States. Students choose two subjects in which to immerse themselves – a major and a minor – from a range of over 200 courses. Popular options include Medicine, Law, Business, and Psychology.

Duke University Information for Duke Summer Session for High School Students’ 2019 programs is now available!  Choose from three transformative programs next summer:
Summer College – A four-week, credit-bearing program for students currently in 10th– 12th grade in which they take undergraduate-level courses.
Summer Academy – A three-week program for students currently in 9th – 12th grade in which they take a certificate course.
Accelerated STEM Academy – A one-week, STEM-based program for students currently in 9th – 12th grade that consists of a variety of hands-on labs, tours of Duke’s research facilities, faculty lectures, and workshops.

University of Southern California USC Summer Programs extends a tradition of excellence to outstanding high school students through unique 4 and 2 week summer courses. Accepted students to the USC Summer Programs will balance academic and campus life as they prepare for college in the nation’s entertainment center – Los Angeles, California. Learn more about USC Summer

THE REYNOLDS YOUNG WRITERS WORKSHOP AT DENISON The Reynolds Young Writers Workshop at Denison is an energizing 8-day program for motivated high school students (rising juniors and seniors) who love to write.  For over 20 years, the Reynolds Workshop has brought together young writers who are passionate about writing and eager to connect to a close-knit community of writing friends.  The workshop is held each June on the beautiful campus of Denison University, a leading liberal arts college, in the village of Granville, Ohio.

CyberMath Academy now offers a summer camp at Stanford University too! Now students can choose to attend our camps this summer at either Harvard University (July 6-17) or Stanford University (July 15-27). Students will be able to choose from a variety of options which include College Prep (SAT and College Counseling and Application Planning), Math, Coding, Robotics, Game Design and Physics. Registration is open at

The Wake Forest Summer Immersion program offers rising sophomores, juniors, seniors and incoming college freshmen the opportunity to experience the “beat and pulse” of some of the most exciting career pathways and college majors. Our week-long institutes give students valuable insight towards pursuing their goals before college.

2019 Engineering Summer Program (ESP) at the University of Wyoming! If you’re interested in becoming an engineer or improving the lives of people around the world, apply to participate in hands-on exploration of the diverse fields of engineering. You could build a digital circuit, design a timber truss, examine solutions to pressing environmental issues, or discover materials for use in emerging technologies. ESP, which takes place June 16-22, is for current high school juniors who will be seniors in the 2019-20 school year.

The University of Idaho’s Summer Design Days offers high school students the opportunity to explore art and design-related disciplines at our main campus in Moscow while completing hands-on projects in any four of our twenty dynamic design workshops. You’ll experience studio life, meet our amazing faculty and acquaint yourself with our ivy-clad campus. Workshops are offered by experienced design faculty in the College of Art and Architecture and the Apparel, Textiles and Design program.

United States Naval Academy Summer SeminarThe United States Naval Academy Summer Seminar is the first step in navigating your future to becoming one of our nation’s next generation of leaders.  If you are currently in your junior year of high school and considering the Naval Academy as your college of choice, we strongly recommend you consider applying to Summer Seminar. Summer Seminar will introduce you to life at the Academy, where you will experience first-class academic, athletic, and professional training at the #1 public college in the U.S.* (Top 25 Public College in the U.S. 2017, Forbes). Your Summer Seminar application will also serve as a preliminary application to the Academy that you will complete before or during your senior year.

Thinking of a career as a coder, game developer, designer, or robotics engineer? Then start with the experience of a world-class program like the Naval Academy’s Summer STEM Program. STEM is all about exploring, creating, building, and making things better, and at our Summer STEM Program, you’ll do just that. You’ll work with students from all over the country as you test your problem-solving, creativity, and collaboration skills.

Yale Young Global Scholars (YYGS) is a summer academic enrichment and leadership program for outstanding high school students from around the world. Each summer, students from over 100 countries participate in one of nine interdisciplinary sessions and immerse themselves in a global learning community. You can Preview the YYGS Application and begin preparing to apply today! Application deadline is Wednesday, February 6, 2019 at 11:59pm EST.

Carleton College is honored to host an inspiring summer program designed for the best and brightest college-bound students representing high schools across the country. The Carleton Liberal Arts Experience (CLAE) will select 52 high school students who have just completed their sophomore year and bring them to Carleton, all expenses paid, for a one-week summer program. The CLAE program introduces the strengths of a liberal arts education through an array of courses in science, art, social sciences, and technology. Carleton College is honored to host an inspiring summer program designed for the best and brightest college-bound students representing high schools across the country. The Carleton Liberal Arts Experience (CLAE) will select 52 high school students who have just completed their sophomore year and bring them to Carleton, all expenses paid, for a one-week summer program. The CLAE program introduces the strengths of a liberal arts education through an array of courses in science, art, social sciences, and technology. Deadline is April 5, 2019.

Washington University in St. Louis offers summer experiences that provide academically talented students the perfect opportunity to challenge themselvse ina supportive and encouraging atmosphere. Open to Middle School and High School students. Check their website for eligibility and deadlines.

The SpiRIT Writing Contestis an opportunity for 10th and 11th grade students who are deaf or hard of hearing to submit an essay. Winners can choose between a $500 cash award, or hte opportunity to travel to RIT for a six-day summer career exploration program (program fee and travel expenses paid by RIT).

Boston University’s Summer Journalism Institute, presented by the College of Communication and the New England Center for Investigative Reporting. Two-week sessions begin on June 24, July 8, and July 22. Check out these other summer offerings at Boston University.

Gettysburg College is excited to offer several opportunitiesfor high school juniors and sophomores to attend academic camps over the summer months. Subjects include psychology, history, creative writing, piano, or information technology.

University of Rochester. Registration is now open for all 2019 sessions. Visit to learn more.

Worcester Polytechnic Institute Frontiers offers soon-to-be high school juniors and seniors two or four weeks of hands-on classes and labs, plus an exploration of the humanities. Live on campus. Eat in the dining hall. Enjoy workshops, field trips, performances, and activities with students across the United States and around the globe.

The University of Chicago’s Summer Session programs bring together a global community of thinkers who ask tough questions and embrace new ideas. Join fellow engaged, idea-driven students from around the globe as you dig in—sometimes literally—to a Summer Session program at one of the world’s great intellectual destinations.

St. John’s College Summer Academy in Santa Fe or Annapolis is a college summer program for high school students (ages 15 to 18), modeled after St. John’s discussion-based, interdisciplinary method of teaching the great books. A hands-on introduction to college life, our Great Books Summer Reading Program helps students hone their reading, critical thinking, and discussion skills.

California College of the Arts June 24-July 19, 2019. At CCA’s Pre-College Program, you’ll join a diverse group of creative thinkers and makers that have one thing in common: the pursuit of purposeful work.

Sarah Lawrence Pre- College Programs. Summer students connect their passions with the wider world and see firsthand how their endeavors improve our community. They work closely with top-notch professors, getting real-time feedback, which keeps them plugged into the latest industry trends. Residential options give them a taste of living on a college campus, while non-residential options offer scheduling flexibility. Learn more and register at SLC.EDU/SUMMERPROGRAMS

Listing of summer STEM programs by state can be found here.

Society of American Military Engineers STEM/Engineering Construction Camps.  The link below will provide information on these unique summer camp opportunities.  The applications are completed on-line and are due March 15, 2019.  They are hands-on camps at various locations throughout the US.  Of the past 6 attendees that the Gem State Post has sent to the summer camps one student graduated from Harvard majoring in engineering and the other 4 students are pursuing STEM majors.
Davidson Honors College at Montana State University Summer Schwanke Honors Institute. This annual Davidson Honors College program gives students the chance to explore University life and academics while engaging in an honors education, which includes experiential learning and small class sizes. Students may earn up to 3 college credits after successful completion of the program. Application deadline is 4/1/2019.
Project Fashion and Game Experience, summer camps give creative-minded students an opportunity to explore a career through classes taught by industry professionals, hands-on projects, and company tours. Both camps create an environment where students can discover what role suits them best and whether they truly want to explore their chosen field as a career before committing time and money to the pursuit after high school.
Loyola Marymount University offers a variety of Pre-College Summer Programs.
New York University summer programs for high school students.
Summer at Smith for academically talented young women.
Furman University Summer Scholars.