The arts are the cornerstone of humanity and, as such, they celebrate the uniqueness of each individual student as well as create a bond for civilization as a whole.  The goal of the Bishop Kelly High School Art Department is to provide opportunities for students to reach their fullest potential mentally, emotionally, creatively, aesthetically, socially, psychically and spiritually.  It is the belief of the department that the process of creating and understanding works of art is critical to the development of all people.  Art is a basic component of a quality education and is fundamental for the full development of an individual who would regard himself/herself “educated.”

Courses and Prerequisites:

+ART 1

Grade Levels:  9, 10, 11, 12

Course ID # 101 – First Semester (S1)

This course will provide students with an opportunity to understand and apply the concepts of: line, color, shape, form and texture.  Students will explore these concepts through different media and techniques such as drawing, painting, design, letterings, and sculpture.  A second semester may be taken that will advance composition techniques and extend concepts introduced in the first semester.


Grade Levels:  9, 10, 11, 12

Course ID # 111 – First Semester (S1)
Course ID# 112 – Second Semester (S2)

This course will allow students to explore the basic components of art through drawing.  Students will learn about line, shape, form, value, texture, space, and color.  Students will complete a variety of exercises in conceptual, real life, and image reproduction. Subject matter will include: figure, face, perspective, landscape, and many others.  Media used will be pencil, pen, crayon, colored pencil, and conte.  Students will work to grow creative and technical skills.  A second semester may be taken with continued projects to develop skills, techniques and content covered in prior course.


Grade Level:  9,10, 11, 12

Course ID# 121 – First Semester (S1)
Course ID# 122 – Second semester (S2)

Students will learn to work with clay as a three dimensional art form.  Basic hand construction, methods of pinching, coiling, slab, and sculpture techniques will be taught and utilized.  Students will construct a variety of projects depending on the level of progression in class.  The potter’s wheel will be used and basic glazing techniques introduced.  Students may advance to a level of independent study in this course.  Experimentation will be encouraged, as will works of depth and complexity.


Grade Levels:  9, 10, 11, 12

Course ID# 132 – Second Semester (S2)

The elements and principles of art will be applied to works created in paint.  Instruction will include assignments dealing with shape, value, color theory, and methods of paint application.  Assignments will explore influences of both art history and creative expression.  Assignments will deal with techniques in both opaque and watercolor media.


Grade Levels:  11, 12
Prerequisite:  At least two of the courses listed above, or Instructor Approval

Course ID#100 – Two Semesters (FY)

AP Art will enable students to work and learn according to the guidelines of the Advanced Placement Program.  Portfolios will be created and -with student and parent approval- may be submitted to be judged by the College Board with possible credit awarded by colleges from throughout the nation.  An area of concentration will be chosen by students in which they will explore one medium or idea in depth.  In addition, sections dealing with drawing, color/design, and sculpture will be required.  Work is submitted digitally to the College Board for evaluation.


Grade Levels:  10, 11, 12

Course ID# 142 – Second Semester (S2)

Art Appreciation is a course designed to develop an appreciation of the historical periods of art history both through direct instruction and hands on learning opportunities.  Students will be presented with the geographic, historical, and cultural influences that produced specific art pieces, art movements, and architecture.  Students will then have the opportunity to produce art in like fashion.  A variety of media will be introduced and students will grow in appreciation of the process of creating art.  Students will carve the Venus of Willendorf from soap, create mosaics from the Roman period, use grids to reproduce art from the Sistine Chapel, make museums for specific artists, reproduce an Impressionist painting, and a variety of other activities.  Students will learn to analyze art based on elements, classification, and use of art vocabulary.