Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements

To qualify for a diploma from Bishop Kelly High School, students must have completed a required 53 credits in the areas designated below:

U.S. History I
U.S. History II
U.S. Government
World Language
Physical Education
Community Service
Fine/Performing Arts

8 Credits
6 Credits*
6 Credits
2 Credits
2 Credits
1 Credit
1 Credit
7 Credits
1 Credit
4 Credits
2 Credits
1 Credit
9 Credits
1 Credits**
1 Credit   
1 Credit


* Students are required to complete classes in Algebra I and Geometry.
** Seniors must complete 30 hours of community service by the conclusion of senior year final examinations.

Credit Maximums

Students are to be aware that credit maximums exist in a number of areas at Bishop Kelly High School. The number of credits, which may apply toward graduation in each of the areas below are:

  • Three credits in physical education – beyond required P.E. credits.
  • Two credits in such service areas as: office aides, library aides and classroom aides.
  • Three pre-approved correspondence credits.
  • Three pre-approved summer school credits (unless used to make up failed courses).

Early Graduation

Early graduation is not an option at Bishop Kelly High School.

Failed Courses

Students are obligated to enroll in approved summer school classes or in approved correspondence courses to earn credit for courses failed during the regular school year. Exceptions to this rule may be granted when needed courses are not available through either of these programs. (Please refer to Repeat Courses.)

Foreign Exchange Students

Bishop Kelly High School welcomes students who want to study for one or two semesters in the United States as part of a cultural exchange program. Bishop Kelly High School recognizes the valuable contribution that these students make to the learning experiences of all our students. Foreign exchange students will be accepted at Bishop Kelly High School under the following conditions:

  • Foreign Exchange students do not displace local students wanting to attend Bishop Kelly High School.
  • A maximum of twelve (12) Foreign Exchange students may be enrolled per semester.
  • Students are subject to the same rules as all regularly enrolled Bishop Kelly High School students.
  • Tuition for Foreign Exchange Students will be the non-subsidized full “cost to educate” as determined by the Business Office.

Proficiency in the English language is a pre-requisite to enrollment.

International Students

Enrollment of international students at Bishop Kelly High School is allowed as space is available and is limited to a maximum of twelve (12) students per academic year. International students transferring to Bishop Kelly High School from outside the United States for the purpose of earning a diploma and for whom English is not their primary language must meet the following criteria:

Pass the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) exam with a minimum score of 473 on the Paper Based Test (PBT) or 150 on the Computer Based Test (CBT).

Enroll at Bishop Kelly High School for at least 2 years in order to graduate.
Note: The TOEFL exam is published by Educational Testing Service (ETS)

The requirement of 2 years of study (4 semester credits) of a foreign language may be replaced by earning 4 semester credits in Humanities and Fine Arts. The required Humanities/Fine Arts courses will be determined by the student’s counselor and approved by the principal or his/her designee. The principal may petition waivers to the Board of Governance.

Tuition for International Students will be the non-subsidized full “cost to educate” as determined by the Business Office.