Report Cards & Grades

Class grades are reported at the middle and end of each semester. Semester grades are recorded on student’s permanent record. Individual graded reports are mailed home.

Grading System

Letter Grade


Number Grade
90 – 100
80 – 89
70 -79
60 – 69
below 60

Honor Points


The GPA (Grade Point Average) is computed using honor points. Add the points earned in each class, divide by the total number of classes and the result is the GPA.

Failure Notices

  1. Students who fail more than one class will be placed on academic probation.
  2. Students who fail a required course will have to make it up during a summer session, by correspondence course, or night school by the next school year.
  3. All arrangements for remediating a failure in a required course MUST be done after consultation with and MUST be approved by a Bishop Kelly counselor.

Grade Reports/Progress Reports
Grades, which students earn for classes in which they are enrolled, are issued electronically three times per semester on the Bishop Kelly website,

In the first semester, these are identified as Progress Report 1, Quarter 1, and Progress Report 2. In the second semester, they are Progress Report 3, Quarter 3, and Progress Report 4. Semester, or final, grades will be posted on a student’s permanent record. At the end of each semester, a report card will be mailed home. Those not having access to the electronically posted information may request a printed copy by contacting the office.

Independent Study
No student will be approved for an independent study program unless extraordinary conditions or extenuating circumstances exist. When such conditions are found to be present, the principal, or designee, may approve such programs if acceptable rationales can be provided for them.

Parental Access Support System
To access this information, family members use the student’s Bishop Kelly ID number and a user-definable PIN (Personal Identification Number). For security and privacy, the student’s name and PIN are not shown anywhere on the PASS pages. Student ID and PIN numbers will be issued at the beginning of the first semester of enrollment at Bishop Kelly and remain unchanged throughout a student’s tenure at BK. The following Schoolmaster PASS items are accessible to Bishop Kelly students and parents: Attendance, Current Marks, Mark History, Schedule/Progress, and Vaccinations.

  • Attendance Shows the student’s period-by-period attendance since the first day of school.
  • Current Marks Shows the student’s marks for courses currently being taken. You may choose to show marks for the last completed grading period or progress marks for the
    current grading period.
  • Mark History Shows the student’s secondary mark history, including year, grade level, term, department, course title, teacher, final mark, and credit earned. (Only records designated to print on the transcript are included.)
  • Schedule/Progress Schedule shows all current schedule information for the student, including course, room, period, term and teacher. Progress is a progress report generated from
    the teacher’s Schoolmaster Gradebook, which includes current marks, comments, homework, and other general and personal notes.
  • Vaccinations Shows the student’s vaccination history, including vaccination type, six dose dates, and vaccination status.

Parent Concerns-Recommended Procedures
Bishop Kelly High School seeks to foster open communication between students, parents, faculty and administration. When a situation arises involving instruction, grading, or discipline, the following procedure should be followed:

  1. The parent/student should have a conference with the concerned teacher or coach. This should be done “in-person” and as soon as possible.
  2. Should this conference fail to resolve the problem, parents should seek a conference with the student’s counselor.
  3. If problems persist, the parents should confer with the Administration.
  4. Parents and students may petition the Bishop Kelly Board of Governance, if they feel that they have not received a fair hearing.

It is hoped adherence to this procedure will bring about a successful solution to this concern and maintain a positive relationship among all of the concerned parties.
Bishop Kelly High School strives to handle concerns in a positive manner through open and honest communication.

Parent Conferences
Following the first and third quarter grading periods of each semester, parents will be provided with opportunities to access teachers for short meetings during Bishop Kelly’s school-wide parent conference sessions. Those parents wishing more extended opportunities to discuss student performance may do so by contacting an individual teacher or a school counselor.