Frequently Asked Questions about Power Up! BK’s new 1:1 Technology Initiative

How will students use their personal electronic device at Bishop Kelly?

We Power-up our students’ learning to the next level through BK’s 1:1 Technology Initiative. Instruction will be enhanced through using technology as a tool in all of their classrooms in the following ways:

  • Utilizing online classroom resources
  • Using device for digital textbooks
  • Viewing and creating videos
  • Participating in Wikis and Blogs
  • Taking class notes
  • Accessing educational databases

We are combining high level teaching with an enriched technology environment to enhance instruction.

How can I apply for financial assistance to help purchase a device for my child?

Parents seeking financial assistance should go through the financial aid process included in the registration packet. Please fill out the application form below, which can also be found on the Admissions Page.

This form should be completed along with completed tax returns and returned to the Bishop Kelly Business Office.

I still have a few questions, how can I find out more information?

Most answers to technology questions, like “How can I download Microsoft Office for free?” or “What device should I purchase for school?” can be answered by going to the BK Help Desk.