Social Studies Seminar

Social Studies Seminar

Social Studies Seminar

Grade Levels: 11, 12
Prerequisite: Parental permission due to the topic of warfare. A permission slip will be distributed to all students along with the course syllabus.
First Semester 40311 (S1); Second Semester 40312 (S2)

The Social Studies Seminar courses are a series of classes offered by members of the Social Studies department. These courses are offered as semester classes. Students can choose to take one or both of these elective courses, depending on need and interest.

First Semester 40311 (S1) European Theater: D-Day through VE Day
This course will help students gain a comprehensive understanding of the American soldier in World War II. Students will secure an in-depth understanding of America’s military involvement in World War II – the European Theatre. Patriotism, courage, sacrifice, integrity and honor ill be the lens through which students understand the American experience of World War II.

Second Semester 40312 (S2) Pacific Theater
The goal of this course is to take the student on a journey through World War II in the Pacific Theater, from Pearl Harbor to the Battles of Iwo Jima and Okinawa, through the surrender of Japan after the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Students will explore the physical, psychological, and moral aspects of war.

HOLOCAUST & HUMAN RIGHTS – ONLINE*            Summer Course Fee – TBD
Grade Level: 10-12 (Elective)
Prerequisite: Application and teacher approval
8-Week Summer Semester

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Holocaust & Human Rights is a fully online summer term course offered for one elective credit.  Students will learn about the origins of Antisemitism and analyze the development of the Holocaust and its effects through the Spiral of Injustice.  The course requires in-depth critical analysis, challenging introspective responses, group collaboration, evaluation of primary documents, and the use of multiple modes of technology.