The retreat focus this year is on the themes of community building, journey, involvement, friendship, temptations and relationship with God, all through the lens of the Catholic Faith. We will be leading students in fun games,  meaningful talks,  powerful prayer experiences and providing lunch for the students. The Senior Campus Ministry Class takes a leadership role at the retreats in order to provide a wonderful experience for their peers.

Class Retreats for 2018 – 2019

  • Freshman Retreat: October 24th and 25th at St. Mark’s Parish, Boise.
  • Junior Retreat: January 10-12, Trinity Pines, Cascade

    In the past, we at Bishop Kelly have offered an annual, mandatory, one-day retreat for the entire junior class. This year we are making some BIG changes. Within our Campus Ministry program, we are offering juniors the opportunity to experience a SEARCH 3 day retreat that will take place at the beautiful Trinity Pines Retreat Center in Cascade instead of the mandatory day retreat.

What is a SEARCH retreat? The SEARCH is a powerful retreat model that is used at many Catholic High Schools around the country. Its aim is to help juniors take a fresh look at their own faith life, while reflecting on their place within their families, school and community. The focus, above all, is to help young people encounter God and to experience His love in a very real and meaningful way.

2019 Junior Retreat Registration

  • Sophomore Retreat: February 20, Boise State University
  • Senior Retreat: April 28-29, Y-Camp in Donnelly


Mass Schedule for 2018 – 2019

An all-school mass is held monthly at 9:15 a.m. in the Carley Center.  All are invited to attend.

  • Sept. 12th –  Mass of the Holy Spirit
  • Oct. 17th –  Grandparents Mass
  • Nov. 1st –  Feast of All Souls
  • Dec. 5th –  Feast of the Immaculate Conception (Commemorated)
  • Jan. 30th –  Human Rights/Celebrate Catholic Schools
  • Mar. 6th –  Ash Wednesday
  • April 3 – All School Mass
  • May 1st – Senior Mass