Bishop Kelly’s Instructional Plan for the 2020 – 2021 School Year

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Bishop Kelly’s Instructional Plan for the 2020 – 2021 School Year

On Monday, June 22nd, the Bishop Kelly Board of Governance enthusiastically approved both our 2020- 2021 Instructional Plan that we shared at the Virtual Town Hall on June 17th, and the extra expenses (not to exceed $485,000) to implement the plan. We believe – and you seem to believe also from your feedback in the follow up survey after the Town Hall – that we have a very innovative and exciting instructional plan for the 2020- 2021 school year. While the main elements of the plan have been determined, there are still many details that will be outlined in an upcoming handbook to clarify new processes, procedures, and expectations.

With your input, we developed a plan to meet the four goals we set:

  1. Make the learning experience exceptional for all BK students and faculty & staff
  2. Build a plan that provides flexibility, adaptability and options for our students, faculty/staff and our school
  3. Keep our students, faculty/staff and community safe and healthy
  4. Engage our parents and community as partners to the overall learning experience of our students

We have created a safe learning model, working with Central District Health and our faculty, administration and staff, that has the following six key strategies:

  1. Have ALL students and staff on campus on a daily basis.
  2. Establish appropriate, safe distancing protocols in classrooms, in halls and in gathering spaces
  3. Rethink and maximize all physical space on campus to help us meet our goals.
  4. Provide more flexibility and autonomy in the school day for students to spend time on areas of need.
  5. Provide additional time during the week for faculty for prep, planning, training and collaboration.
  6. As needed, we will utilize technology to help support our goals.

No other school we are aware of is doing this. We are now moving forward with the hiring of a substantial number of additional faculty (+ 6 FT, +4 PT) for 2020-2021 to execute the plan. These new teachers, along with some internal staffing shifts and the rethinking and maximizing utilization of all physical space on campus, will allow us to bring average class sizes down from an average of 21-22 to an average class size of 16 in all “classrooms” and provide social distancing.

We are also developing an FAQ document that will address many of the questions you raised in the Town Hall and in the survey responses. While the full “handbook” will not be completed until the end of July/early August, this initial FAQ document will address what we know at this time about electives for juniors and seniors, bus service, lunch service, flex days, cleaning and safety protocols, online options, helping students when they are out sick or need to stay at home, protocols when we have a COVID-19 case, plans for fall sports, and how the A/B schedule will work.

If you have not had a chance to listen to the recording of the Town Hall and wish to have a more complete understanding of our 2020-21 Instructional Plan, please click here:

Recording of the Virtual Town Hall Meeting

Finally, we will keep the follow up survey open so you have a place to provide feedback. Here is the link:

Instructional Plan Survey