BK Way To Go!!

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BK Way To Go!!

This past week there were several wonderful examples of our BK Way culture thriving here at BK.  I want to acknowledge and highlight several of those:

The Fall play, “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” was fantastic and displayed the incredible talents of our students and their director, faculty member Jenny Sternling.  These students were supported and challenged to do their very best and achieve personal excellence (Academic Excellence) and displayed what a valuable experience theater plays in their growth and development (Activities).

We also had a celebration of the performing arts on opening night of the play where our orchestra and choir shared their talents and hard work.  Lisa Cooper was there to lead and mentor them in spite of not feeling well.  Kudos to Lisa, and our other performing arts faculty, Jenny Sternling, Jeff Davis, Sam Bowker, and your theater arts and music teams!

Our All School Mass on All Saints Day was a beautiful, moving service led by our Pastoral Arts team, Campus Ministry, Father Fraser, and Deacon Bonney, demonstrating our active dedication to our spiritual formation (Faith).

At the All School Mass, we also honored four students for their Generosity in Service to others.  Jacob Christopher (9th), Cody Scoper (10th), Madeline Steele (11th), and Joshua Poole (12th) were honored and received warm applause from their peers!

The kickoff of our food drive to help the local food banks to better serve the underserved in our community demonstrates how the BK community gives back generously to the world (Generosity). It was a great kickoff by our Campus Ministry team and our Campus Minister, Jan Siron – supported by a great video from Mr. Wardwell’s digital media class.

Our football team lost a close game in the state playoffs to Blackfoot, yet all involved – players, coaches and fans – displayed high standards of sportsmanship and ethical behavior on the field, in the stands and after the game (Honor).  This has been a fantastic season in so many ways, both on and off the field – thanks, Coach Brennan, for your leadership!  And thanks to the broadcast team (Dave Skinner and Ben Ysursa), cheerleaders and coaches, Pep Club students and moderators, and parents and administrators for making the four plus hour trip to support the team! Great display of Community!

Swim season came to an end over the weekend at the State Swim meet and Water Polo championship.  Congrats to Coach Deb Marria, her coaching staff and our dedicated swimmers!  We had the second most participants of any school, 4A or 5A, at the State Meet!  In addition, our girls took 3rd overall and our BK Water Polo team won the state championship for the 5th year in a row! (Activities)

The 2012 BK Roundtable Magazine was delivered to our friends and alumni – nearly 10,000 of them!  Over the weekend I was at many events in our Boise community –  State Swim meet, Mass at St. John’s, BK play and at the BSU football game.  I had literally dozens of people come up and tell me how much they enjoyed reading it and the sense of ownership and pride it gave them in Bishop Kelly (Community).  Much appreciation goes to Katie Kerby for leading this effort, to BK parent Tereasa Guy Engelhardt for sharing her incredible design talent, and to Mark Jaszkowksi for his great support of this marvelous publication!

Please share with me stories of where you see the BK Way alive in our community.  And if you find areas where we are not living up to our cultural values, please let me know also.