Excellence With Class 2021 – 2022 Initiative

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Excellence With Class 2021 – 2022 Initiative

Working together to GROW as Champions

As a Catholic community achieving excellence in learning, service, and life, our interscholastic activities program is an integral part of the total education and growth experience at Bishop Kelly High School. Activities are designed to affirm and promote the Catholic values as stated in Our Vision for the Bishop Kelly Graduate and engage student-athletes fully in spirit, mind, and body.

As the school year and activities seasons are underway, it is with great anticipation Bishop Kelly activities look to further our “Excellence with Class” initiative launched in 2016. A program whereby student-athletes, coaches, and parents are called upon to work together in a true spirit of sportsmanship to assist in creating an environment in which those Catholic values can be revealed, tested, and proven relevant both to participants and the entire school community.

The positive, enthusiastic support and involvement of parents in the lives of our student-athletes is one of the reasons why the Bishop Kelly activities program is so effective. Parental behavior and language towards officials, coaches, athletes, and other fans must be exemplary at all times, with every season seen as an opportunity for parents to teach their children how to emotionally handle the successes and setbacks inherently part of all sports competition. Parents, administration, and coaches share the goal of seeing students gain growth and satisfaction through their participation in Bishop Kelly activities.

At the beginning of a new sports year, we want to remind sports parents to be involved in a positive and constructive way in your child’s sports. All of our children can become champions in sport and in life. We, as sport parents, can be CHAMPIONS as well in our attitude and approach to youth sports.

This year can have a positive (or negative) impact on your child’s development. Remember what you say and do – during the game, in the car on the way to and from the game, to the coach, to referees, at home – affects how your child takes in the experience of his/her team. Youth sports are about physical skill growth, character development and learning the value of teamwork. Parents, coaches and administrators should work together to be on the same page for the benefit of the athletes. Remember everyone has distinct roles in the sports environment: Coaches are there to give instruction, build motivation and teach virtue to every child on the team. Parents should love and encourage their children to have fun on the playing field and to model respectful behavior (to coaches, teammates, opponents and officials). Officials hold an essential role as keepers of the integrity of the game.

2021-22 Champion Parent Focus: Be Positive this Sport Season

Parents, remember the GROW approach for the season:

  •  Encourage your child to set achievable GOALS for the season and a concrete plan to reach those goals. Goals can be set in three categories: PHYSICAL (X’s and O’s), MENTAL (Effort, Attitude, Attention) and MORAL (Sportsmanship)
  • Build positive RELATIONSHIPS with your child’s coach, the other team parents, opponents and officials
  • Allow your child OWNERSHIP over his/her play. Sports are for the kids, not the adults
  • Keep WINNING in the proper perspective. It is exhilarating to win, but when it becomes the only goal in sport, our focus is much too narrow
  • Communicate positively with your child and his or her coach so you all have the same goals in mind for the season
  • Cheer positively from the sidelines for the whole team, not just your child
  • Cultivate a sense of gratitude – your child has the opportunity to be on a team and play sports

So, as we kick off the 2021-2022 school year, top priority again will be centered on striving to win the Idaho High School Activities Association “School of Excellence Award”, whereby schools earn points based on their varsity teams’ achievements in the classroom, at the competitive venue, and in the area of citizenship/sportsmanship. The school in each classification with the best overall program is honored with a special award at the end of the year. The three major areas of high school activities – academics, athletics/activities, and sportsmanship/citizenship – are weighted equally.

Following these simple guidelines can help to make this a great year for you, your child and your sports community. Bishop Kelly High School is 100% committed to our “Excellence with Class” initiative and champion parent focus in hope to create something our school is very proud of. We will not rest on our accomplishments, but will rather build on them in our journey to be the best we can be and set new standards for our wonderful school. No effort will be spared to ensure that participation in Bishop Kelly activities continues to be a fantastic experience for all student-athletes, coaches, parents and the entire Bishop Kelly community.

You can be a Champion Sport Parent TODAY!

Our wishes for a terrific 2021-22 sporting year!

Tom Shanahan
Activities Director
Bishop Kelly High School