Instructional and Operational Plan Update for October 13th.

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Instructional and Operational Plan Update for October 13th.

Dear BK Parents,
We hope your week has started well. It has been a bit eerie (must be October) having the halls of BK empty the past two days as we have missed our students and much of our faculty who are learning and teaching from home. We know they have been busy online, and our maintenance and administrative teams have been making progress here at school. The purpose of this Just in Time communication is to provide you a midweek update on the objectives we set for this one week pause of on campus instruction.
Here are the three primary objectives we set out to accomplish while we paused on campus instruction for one week and an update on the progress we have made:


Provide adequate time for the improved physical health of our student body while mitigating further spread of all illnesses (flu, colds, COVID, etc.)

  • We are pleased to report that we have had only one additional positive student COVID-19 case beyond the six we reported last week and this was from a family situation, not from school. All students who were awaiting test results have had those tests come back negative.
  • We have had one staff member test positive but they had no close contacts here at school who need to be quarantined.
  • We have heard from numerous parents and students that many students are feeling better, the extra sleep without commute time has helped, and their children are excited to do whatever they need to do to get back to in person school next week. A strengthened immune system is key to good health as we enter the late fall and winter months.
  • One other note – we have heard some rumors in the community that “BK closed due to a COVID outbreak”. That is simply not true. We have had only nine positive student cases in the first almost nine weeks of school. In our analysis of the nine positive cases we have had only one situation where there was transmission to another student. And that likely happened in interactions outside of school. Our protocols overall are working well and we are not having an outbreak.


Provide adequate time and focus on adapting and improving current instructional and operational plans.

  • Our sports teams’ protocols have been slightly revised and a strong reeducation took place for each fall team the past two days. Here are the highlights of the changes and points of emphasis by every coach and our AD, Tom Shanahan, and these will be reinforced at every practice:
    • Reinforce they represent themselves, their school, and their sports team with their actions.
    • Masks are required in the training room, inside school, and in parking lots after practice.
    • Only six athletes are allowed in the training room at a time.
    • You must stay home if you are sick.
    • Anyone not at school during the day should not be at practice.
    • Anyone returning to school from illness in the last 3 days, or any portion of the current day, will have a temperature check performed by an athletic trainer before returning to practice. If their temperature is elevated they will not practice and will be sent home. Thanks to Saint Alphonsus for providing the thermometers!
  • Our administration and department heads have made progress in the last two days on improving the Instructional Learning Model, given we will likely see significant absences through the next four to six months. We have a professional development day tomorrow to work through this as a school and by department and will be in a position to communicate to parents and students new processes for accommodating students absent from school this Friday.
  • We are narrowing in on steps to redesign lunch practices and protocols as we approach cooler weather and the need to eat inside.
  • Finally, we are in the midst of assessing and improving other daily practices such as disinfecting classrooms, transition between classes, beginning/end of day procedures.


Build in time to fix the water main issue that needs to be addressed and will necessitate closure of our school buildings.

  • Our Director of Building & Grounds, Chad Blue, and the team from Buss Mechanical, are on track to replace the 56 year old leaking pipe that connects Suez Water to our main school building by this Friday. It will necessitate turning water off to the main building this Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, with water available only in the Carley Center and the Father Wilson Science and Technology Wing.
  • Chad’s Maintenance team has been deep cleaning the entire building, including all classrooms, over these past two days.
Before closing, we would like to make a few comments on sports continuing this week while we are all online. We have received a couple of emails asking if this is a mixed message. As stated earlier, we are not in the midst of an outbreak and no cases or transmission have occurred due to sports as far as we know. We believe in the importance of sports and activities as part of our overall mission at Bishop Kelly. While sports do add some additional risk in the possible spread of illness, there is also considerable risk to the social and emotional well being of adolescents in not having this opportunity. And, as stated earlier, we have not seen any spread from sports here at Bishop Kelly. That is why we have continued to play and will continue to allow limited spectators at games. We have utilized this pause time to reeducate and reemphasize some protocols that have become a bit lax while instituting some new procedures as mentioned above.
Finally, you will see in the media that Ada County has returned to the red category in the level of community spread. Central District Health (CDH) uses a two-week average of daily COVID-19 cases calculated per 100,000 people in a given county and Ada County rose from 12.75 last Monday to 22.12 today. CDH last week changed their guidance to schools when in the red category and they now support schools maintaining operations with some level of in-person learning even if data places schools in Category 3. CDH Executive Director, Russ Duke, said “We recognize that many schools and districts have some excellent plans in place that they are consistently following to keep kids in school. While we are seeing cases within our schools and are working closely with those impacted, fortunately, at this time, we are not seeing much school transmission, where people are becoming infected from others in the classroom.”
That has been the case here at Bishop Kelly and, as we stated back in early August, our instructional plan calls for us to continue in person learning while in red. We will communicate by this Friday the specifics of next week’s schedule and our plan to resume in person learning for all students on Monday, October 19th. We are very confident this will happen as we are making great progress on our goals for this week – improved physical health of our student body, successful adaptation and improvement of our instructional and operational plans, and completion of main water line work.
Thank you for all you have done in partnership with us to make the first almost nine weeks of school so successful in most every way. Thank you also for your support and understanding of the plan we are executing this week. We believe this brief pause from our instructional model of in-person learning will give us additional strength as a school and community moving forward throughout the remainder of this challenging school year so we can fully accomplish the four goals we set for the year.
God bless,
Rich Raimondi, President
Mike Caldwell, Principal