Senior Tux and Drape Update

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Senior Tux and Drape Update

We’ve had to make some changes to the on-campus option for senior tux and drape photos. Because of a few issues with the photographer and sharing the tuxes and drapes, we’ve had to change this to an off-campus activity. However, we have a few photographers who have been contacted and are willing to work with BK families to offer this photo on the same scheduled day (October 14th) at their studio and for a very discounted price.

BK Parents or Students will need to contact the photographer to schedule the time slot–this is not a walk-in appointment.

Please contact them as soon as possible so you can get scheduled. Photos are due by November 30th, whether you are using your own photographer or one of the ones listed on the flyer.

The Photographers will provide the tux/drape for the photo.

They are available specifically on October 14th to take these pictures at their
studios during the day when our seniors are not in school.

If you book the photo outside of this day, they might not be able to honor the
$35 sitting fee. We’ve asked them to lower their price to accommodate us, so
we feel that it’s only fair to them to try to limit this to one day. Some
photographers might still honor the $35 outside of October 14th, but that is
up to them.

They will provide the school with a digital file that we need for the yearbook, and
this is included in the sitting fee. The photo will also include retouching.
a. If you would like to purchase the photo or a digital file of the photo, that will
be an additional charge that is set by each individual photographer.

Some additional items to consider:

  • The sitting is fairly quick since it is just the tux/drape photo. If you would like to
    schedule a full sitting, I’m sure they would be happy to work with you, but make
    sure to communicate with the photographer if that’s what you’re looking for.
  • $35 is a great discount! The same sitting is usually $75-$125. However, usually the
    tux/drape photo is included in a full senior portrait session. Being in a studio with
    the lighting controlled, being able to select the photo right then without having to
    wait for a proof, and potentially “on the spot” retouching has its advantages over
    doing them at school.

Recommended Photographers

Jen Alvi Photography
Phone Number: (208) 861-0705

Hollenbaugh Photography
Phone Number: (208) 342-1112

Samuel Marvin Photography
Phone Number: (208) 297-5867
Link to Book Online:

Timeless Photo on State St.
Phone Number: (208) 343-4501
Time slots available on October 14th and October 17th just for BK students
Link to Book Online:

* *Barb Bergeson
She has a very limited availability, but
does offer a tux/drape photo for $125 which includes the digital file. The tux/drape photo
is free with an outdoor portrait session. She can be reached via email at: or (208) 713-2852

Please remember that photos are due by November 30th and should be emailed to

If you are using a different photographer than those listed above, please make sure they have THIS Requirements Sheet.

No news is good news–I will definitely contact you and/or your student if we are missing his or her photo for the yearbook!